Changes coming to UC Admissions

University of California officials announced yesterday that their colleges will admit 10,000 more Californian students over the next three years across the system’s nine campuses. This is part of a plan that also ensures that tuition for the upcoming year is not increased. This comes after several years dropping admission rates for Californians due to an increase in admissions of out-of-state students who pay more in tuition since it helps cover the system’s costs.
Now, the campuses are working to make sure they have enough room to house the students and enough resources to hire extra professors. According to the UC media relations department, $25 million of funding from the state is expected to cover about half the cost of the new students, while the rest is expected to be covered by private donations, a decrease in tuition grants to low-income students from outside California, and more fees for out-of-state students.

Additionally, a project at UC Merced, which will double the size of their campus and increase their capacity by 3,300 students, was also approved.