Another Possible Bathroom Fire at SDA

A fire alarm went off early in the afternoon today at SDA, bringing students out of their third period classrooms and onto the field. This was not drill, but was caused by a smoke detector that went off in the gender-neutral bathrooms by the Mosaic, said Assistant Principal Brieahna Weatherford.

Weatherford said that she was not sure if this was related to the other bathroom fires that have occurred throughout this semester. There wasn’t anyone suspicious at the bathroom right after the fire was detected, she said, but the fire department still came and the school still evacuated because it’s considered standard procedure for any time the fire alarm rings.

Regardless of the cause, Weatherford was proud of the way students evacuated. “We’ve had a little bit of practice this year evacuating out to the field,” she said. “It’s so smooth and I’m just really proud of our students here and the staff, because the fire department continues to compliment us on the proficiency of our evacuation.”