Airbands Exhibits SDA Creativity

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Funky costumes, fun props, and fantastic choreography combined into one of SDA’s most creative competitions, air bands. On Friday June 3rd, the SDA PAC was filled with world language students performing their air band and fighting for first place.

Each group was able to show off their creativity as they lip synced and danced in front of a crowd of students and judges. The grass was packed with eyes that were glued to the stage. Students clapped along to catchy songs, broke out in laughter after funny actions, and cheered during exciting moments.

Teams ranged from a variety of sizes and all performed songs in the language they had been taking this semester.

The performers sometimes threw their audience a surprise with outrageous actions like throwing eggs and doing back flips.

“It was definitely something I’ll remember because people dressed up as girls, guys dressed up as girls, and put lipstick all of their face. It was pretty great,” said freshman Zach Simpson.

It took a lot of commitment for each team to come up with a finalized air band. Many students practiced for several weeks before going on stage, but really enjoyed the experience. “It’s a lot of fun to practice and find songs,” said sophomore Ashlyn Gray.

In the end, many students really enjoyed this year’s airbands. “I like how into it people were with the props and costumes and there was no judgment. If I have the right group, it should be fun next year,” said freshman Maya Hamson.