Candidate Speeches Given at Nominating Convention


Patrick Hall

Candidates for senior directors Parisi, Whalen and Noyes, juniors, gave speeches at the nominating convention.

By Olivia Olander, News Editor

Candidates for next year’s elected ASB positions gathered in the gym during homeroom this morning to make the case for their appointment. The nominating convention was optional this year, so students filled into just about half the gym’s seating.

The nominees for president are juniors Ciro Valdez and Josh Lim. Valdez focused his speech on appealing to different clubs within SDA, while Lim focused more on SDA’s culture overall.

The positions of vice president, secretary and treasurer will be taken by juniors James Bert, Summer Horton and Kekoa Wheeler, respectively, who are running unopposed. Juniors Madison Noyes, Anna Whalen and Sammi Parisi will fill the three positions for senior directors.

Next year’s sophomore directors, freshmen Jamie Cruz, Sofia Ledet and Kalvin Grensted, are also running unopposed.

Junior director is a contested race this year, with five candidates vying for three spots. Sophomores Franchesca Finley, McCall Roy and Holly Cook are running together, and delivered their speech together at the convention.

“We’ll plan a prom so good, it’ll knock your socks off,” said Cook as she and her running mates threw their socks towards the crowd.

The other junior director candidates are sophomores Tasha Gardiner and Meagan Glazier.

Gardiner delivered a satirical speech in which she talked about herself in the third person, while Glazier took a more traditional approach.

“I want to improve the class of 2019’s high school experience by making prom fun for everyone,” Glazier said. “I’ll work hard to represent you and I’m always available to discuss the changes you want to see in your school.”

Students can vote for their grade’s candidates in front of the PAC Monday at lunch, and should bring their school ID. Voting ends Tuesday.


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