SDA undergoes metamorphosis for Exhibition Day

Story by Joice He, Staff Writer

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“SDA does a lot of things that most schools don’t do,” said teacher Jocelyn Broemmelsiek to her first period biology class. “Exhibition Day is one of those things.”

Just as sports is to LCC and AP is to CCA, San Dieguito Academy is best known for its’ wide variety of arts courses, clubs, and student activity. Just as other schools host sports festivals or journalism conventions, SDA hosts Exhibition Day, an event notorious for blowing the socks off of the freshman class every year.

This year, the students and staff outdid themselves once again. There were rows upon rows of student-run stands, each more colorful than the next. The PAC was transformed into something akin to the Del Mar Fair, the smell of baked goods and waffles wafting from the hallway to the Media Center.

There was an entire color spectrum of printed T-shirts, handmade jewelry, and pins being sported by hundreds of students, their hands and arms decorated with henna from the art club’s table. A drum circle that had been started in front of the library provided faint background music to the activities.

To top it all off, classes were a mere 50 minutes.

“Exhibition Day is a good time,” said Gen Kessler, a sophomore. “I was buying stuff, I got some stickers, some boba, and a shirt!”

Popular attractions this year included the Comedy Sportz performance inside the PAC, the various boba stands set up across the surrounding area, as well as popular recurring booths like senior Natalie Shields’s waffles outside of the media center. Interactive painting was being done on art teacher Jeremy Wright’s car next to the Mosaic as well as wall chalk on the science buildings hosted by history teacher Kerry Koda.

“I like walking around and seeing all of the student’s work and buying food. I bought some grilled cheese, and some other typical foodie stuff,” said freshman Sophia Romano. “You get to see what all the students do as extracurricular activities, and you just have a really fun time.”

Some students wish that there were more interactive exhibitions, but the general student consensus was that Exhibition Day was a blast.

“I love Exhibition Day. It’s a really fun time,” said Torrey Platenberg, a sophomore. “You can quote the heck out of me on that.”

Sophomore Aaron Altona said, “The Oreo truffles by Tristan Price. That was seriously the highlight of my day.”


Harley Bradshaw, Joseph Whitlam, and Lila Schief contributed to this article.