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“Stranger Things” Season Two Leaves Us Needing Even More

Story by Sienna Riley, Staff Writer

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Ever since Netflix’s original series Stranger Things hit the scene in 2016, fans of the show could hardly wait for a season two of the sci-fi thriller (me being one of them). When it was announced that it would be rebooted in October, my excitement reached its peak. I must admit, the show did not disappoint.

I was a bit worried that the second season may not be as good as the first. In my opinion, the first season finale could have been the end of the whole series (apart from the major cliff-hanger it left us on at the very end).

I was immediately impressed with the way the second season started, which automatically got me hooked and wanting more.

Something that really shook me was HOW MUCH DUSTIN SWEARS IN THIS SEASON LIKE WOW. HONEY. GOLLY GEE WIZ. Stranger Things really went there with all the kids cussing this season, which is something they didn’t do in the previous one. I have nothing to say other than I was shooketh.

Also, WHO THE HECK IS BOB!? I totally thought Hopper and Joyce were gonna get together (because let’s be real here, OTP), and then this BOB comes into Joyce’s shop and like WOW SHOOK AGAIN. THEY’RE KISSING AND STUFF!? WOWIE WOW WOWZA.

The show even touches on Barb’s death. It’s refreshing because ever since Nancy discovered that Barb was dead, I feel like that issue took a back seat and was barely even addressed. Like BARB IS DEAD. HELLO?!?! Y’ALL AREN’T GONNA TALK ABOUT THAT?! SHE’S ROTTING IN THE UPSIDE DOWN YIKES GEEZ WOW. So yeah, I’m very glad that someone actually fricken cares about what happened to her now.

Finally, I’m sure everyone knew that Eleven was going to survive, especially with the way season one ended with Hopper leaving the Eggo waffles in the wooden box in the woods. However, I don’t necessarily agree with the way Eleven was revealed.

It was super cute to find out that Hopper and her were hiding out in the woods, and they had a very father-daughter relationship thing going on. Loved it. However, I feel like there could have been some element of mystery as to where she was, because as soon as you saw the Eggo waffles on the table, you knew Eleven was there. I didn’t even have time to wonder where she was, she was just there.

Other than that, it was a fantastic start to the new season, and I am very intrigued to see what happens next.

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“Stranger Things” Season Two Leaves Us Needing Even More