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Tim Roberts

The Mustang writers that participated in the competition. Left to right: sophomore Joice He, senior Olivia Olander, freshman Rithika Vighne, sophomore Aiden Fullwood, junior Shayna Glazer, junior Taylor Rudman, junior Simmone Stearn, and senior Mallika Seshadri

Mustang Journalists Best in Southern California

March 22, 2018

Students from the San Dieguito Academy newspaper, The Mustang, won the Southern California Journalism Education Association newspaper writing competition on Saturday. Led by first place winner senior Mallika Seshadri in the editorial section of the event, the newspaper became the first San Diego County school to win the award since 2003.

Eight SDA students represented The Mustang in the competition: freshman Rithika Vighne, sophomores Aiden Fullwood and Joice He, juniors Taylor Rudman, Simmone Stearn, and Shayna Glazer, and seniors Mallika Seshadri and Olivia Olander. Students were each awarded points for stories they wrote on deadline at the competition, and SDA tallied the most points.

As recognition, SDA received a four-foot-high trophy that has been passed on from winner to winner every year since 1960.

Olivia Olander, The Mustang’s editor in chief, was proud of the team effort to win the competition. “We were all really excited because usually in journalism, we work alone on our stories,” Olander said. “But this time, we were able to come together as a group to win the award.”

SDA ranked first out of the 29 schools and over 300 students that participated in the event. “It was particularly fun because there were so many schools, so I am happy to be a part of the number one school,” junior Shayna Glazer said.

Junior Simmone Stearn said, “It’s really fun to work with such a talented group. I didn’t necessarily expect to win, but it goes to show that we have a lot of great writers and we really put effort into what we do.”

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