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Who Won the Student vs. Staff Softball Game?

March 28, 2018

A perfect day for a fight to the death. The girls softball team versus a ragtag team of teachers. Those girls had been training all season to hone and perfect their bat swinging and diamond chasing skills. However we live in America, land of the underdogs. The dream team- Spanish teachers David Bair, Sheryl Bode and Sean Floyd, history teachers Kelly Hawkins and Jamie Duck, ASB teacher Rod Keillor, ASL teacher Kelly Baggins, PE student teacher John Pecoraro, yoga teacher Justin Happ- all may not have had an excess amount of skills, but rather an abundance of heart.

It was a hard fought battle; Baggins struggled to hit the ball and Happ was dressed in a wig and pink tutu. According to Happ, “distraction is half the battle to victory.” Many laughed at him, some even mocked him. Senior Zachary Lewis chuckled while he pointed and said, “he’s playing the mental game!”

Little did the onlooking crowd of students coming back from hour lunch realize, the teachers would come out victorious. Free pizza was thrown into the air as the crowd cheered. The MC of the event, junior Jeremy Romero, roared as he announced the event unfolding on the field.

Teachers won, the students lost. Despite this, the student team held no hard feelings. Junior Katie Hostetler, a member of the student team, said, “I had a good time playing against the teachers even though we lost.” It’s the memories made rather than the victory that enriched both teachers and student’s lives. Senior Elle Harkin watched the game on the bleachers and wistfully remarked, “I wish I had watched the softball game all four years I was here.” It may be too late for Seniors, but there’s always next year to watch this “new Comedy Sport.”

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