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Love Lunch

May 24, 2018

As a part of SDA’s wellness week organized by NAMI, the GSA held a Love Lunch today at the PAC to build the SDA community.

Gathering around the PAC, students ate their lunches, talked to one another, and enjoyed the sweets that some students brought to share.

The highlight of the event was when sophomore Koby Hughes took the stage with his friends and began singing for everyone. The spirit of SDA was alive as they mumbled enthusiastically along, embellishing with meows and “yuhs!” as they saw fit.

“It looked really fun, so I just went and did it,” Hughes said. The excitement on the stage drew students out from where they normally sit on campus to watch the boys goof around on the stage.

Despite a slight annoyance that the singers wouldn’t go through a complete song, attendants of Love Lunch laughed, sang, and danced along.

“I feel like it brought everybody together, it made everybody happy. All the smiles on everybody’s happy,” Hughes beamed. “Love lunch should be everyday.”

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