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Schedule for the times during Friday, Exhibition Day

Exhibition Day Preparation

May 2, 2019

Hot topics at today’s Exhibition Day meeting included the need for a food handlers license, and a lack of tables compared to the sheer amount of sign ups:

Food Handler’s License

ASB teacher Rod Keillor addressed the group originally by asking for a show of hands of who was planning on selling food. A smattering of individual’s sat up straighter to listen in as Keillor shared with the group that a food handler’s license would be required for those serving meat specifically. However, he did voice that if anyone would like greater clarifications to see him in the ASB room.

Quantity of booths debuting at Exhibition Day

Keillor shared that there have been 140 different signups for Exhibition Day this year- a number much greater than previous years. In having so many signups, there are not enough tables supplied by SDA to cover what students need. Therefore, it’s important for students to bring their own tables, extension cords (if requiring power), and label their supplies so there isn’t a mixup.


Each year individuals who sell products at Exhibition Day have been required to wear an ASB issued wristband. This year is no different, though Keillor did not specify the cap on the number of students per booth. Each student working must be known by Keillor and have a wristband.

Questions brought up about Exhibition Day were minimal, mainly individual questions for Keillor after the session was brought to a close; however, senior Dylan Owen presented the idea of buying and bringing a Tube Man (pictured above) to campus to advertise his booth.

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