SDA's current bell schedule

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SDA's current bell schedule

SDA tests out new tardy policies

November 1, 2019

Administration is implementing new policies in place of the Loss of Privileges list this semester in order to combat tardiness and truancy among students at San Dieguito Academy.

According to assistant principal Katie Bendix, the LOP list was discontinued because of its lack of effectiveness. “The admin team, along with our support staff, did a lot data review…looking at the number of tardies, looking at detentions served, and things like that,” Bendix said. “We determined that it wasn’t effective in reducing our number of tardies and truancies.”

Instead, SDA staff is discussing possible replacements that will incentivize students to arrive to class promptly and minimize disruptions in the classroom. 

One such replacement, initiated on Oct. 23, is through Signal Kit, and automatic messaging system that will send a notification to parents whenever a student has an unexcused tardy. Parents can choose whether they receive that notification in phone call, text, or email form. SDA had previously used Signal Kit exclusively for unexcused absences and truancies. 

“What prompted the change is just a need for opening of the line of communication between home and school,” Bendix said. “We felt that parents would appreciate information and notifications when their child is late to class.”

Administration is also testing out a new warning bell during passing periods after complaints from student forums that five minutes in between bells is too long. Yesterday was the first time the racetrack sound was played, one minute before the final bell.

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