Mustang Musings: Semester Change

Story by Nicole Smith, Online News Editor

With the end of first semester approaching the Mustang staff went around campus to ask students what they will miss about this semester as well as what they are looking forward to regarding next semester. Students expressed sadness due to the end of classes with friends and favored teachers. Next semester students are looking forward to interesting classes and events. A common resolution for the next semester is to improve studying skills.

“I am going to miss all of the great laughs I’ve shared with friends in physics and psychology this term. But I am excited to be reunited with McCluskey and all of my Spanish buddies in Spanish Lit next semester!” – Senior Izzie Ojeda

“I think the thing I will miss most about this semester is finally having classes with most of my friends, but I’m looking forward to taking AP Comparative Politics.” – Senior Devin Murphy

“I will miss all of the people and new friends I met this semester and am looking forward to a new schedule and new classes next semester.” – Senior Ali Sharp

“I’m going to miss the fact that I am still a high schooler. Next semester is my last semester, and it will really sink in. I’m excited for being done with high school. It’s been four years, and the end will bring a new adventure!” – Senior Riley Galleher

“I going to miss Stimpy the most; I hope I get into AP Physics. I am excited for AP Chem and Instrumental Music.” – Junior Camille Otillio

“I am looking forward to Metal Shop. I am going to miss hanging out with Craig Spiller in all of my classes.” – Senior Miles Casado

“I’m sure my senioritis is just going to increase.” – Senior Riley Rowe

“I’m going to miss screen-printing because it’s fun with being able to socialize and create custom t-shirts. I am scared I will lose my entire social life [next semester] because I have all academic subjects.” – Sophomore Nick Vennard

“Next semester I have guitar making and I like working with stuff so that should be fun. I’m going to miss Mr. Witt and Mr. Stimson.” – Senior Daniel Sullivan

“I’m definitely going to miss my easy schedule. And Fisher’s class. The things I’m most looking forward to for next semester are the spring musical and a free fourth.” – Senior Jessica Jakes

“I’m going to miss the easy schedule that I had last semester. I’m looking forward to musical theater and more hour lunches.” – Freshman Jewels Weinberg

“I don’t think I’ll miss much from my first semester schedule, other than having a free last period. It was nice while it lasted though. I’m looking forward to photography, my only elective, and English, my favorite academic class.” – Sophomore Sydney Jordan

“I’m going to miss screen printing and I’m scared for my four core classes next semester.” – Junior Patrick Lopez

“I’m really looking forward to sleeping during my free period and taking AP Psych.  I’ll miss my Speech and Debate bros.” – Junior Kendra Brust

“I’m excited to take photography, and I’ll miss having an easy semester.” – Freshman Allie Manis

“I’m excited for Journalism ‘cause I get to write down quotes like you.” – Sophomore Dylan Hendrickson

“My goal for this semester is to not procrastinate on any homework, although that is pretty idealistic.” – Senior Karolyna Landin

“I want to get to bed before 11:00 every night.” – Junior Griffin Knipe

“I’m going to miss having help with my applications in college apps and I’m also going to miss the two week break. My goals for second semester are to participate in all the activities and not get senioritis.” – Senior Tyler Cashman

“I’m going to miss my English class because Ms. Leonard was the ish, and my goal is to get better grades.” – Sophomore Ashli Holcroft

“I am going to miss taking a photography class! I just finished up Photo Tech 2 and there are no other photo classes offered that I haven’t taken. My resolution for next semester is to be less stressed and uptight about things and to finish off high school with a smile on my face.” – Senior Cydney Chelberg

“I am going to miss nothing. This semester was awful for me.” – Junior Sierra Zounes

“I will miss beating Joe Stefanki in Ping-Pong every day during third period. I am looking forward to having… a free fourth next semester. And my resolutions are to stop skipping fourth period.” – Junior Marlin Guthrie

“I’ll definitely miss physics with Mr. Stimson, but I’m looking forward to my very last semester of high school.” – Senior Kelly Heard

“My goal is to get all A’s.” – Senior Robyn Chaffee

“I’ll miss cartooning, seeing Mr. Wright’s beautiful face.” – Junior Nick Checchia

“I’m really going to try and get all A’s next semester.” – Senior Marc Vela

“I’m going to miss my drama production class. It was a very nice experience.” – Junior Haley Earnest

“I’m going to miss laughing every day in Stimson’s.” – Junior Nicole Loya

“I will miss the new people I met in my classes this semester, and my resolution is to actually study and ask for help.” – Senior Dara Albanese

“I’m looking forward to having a free fourth! Resolutions… to do my homework every night.” – Senior Chloe Stanners

“I’m definitely going to miss fourth period yoga. It was the best way to finish off the day.” – Junior Katrina Olsen

“I’m not going to miss anything. This was the hardest semester I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to have only one AP class next semester. And graduation too!” – Senior Suleyma Balderas

“I’m going to miss fourth period peer tutoring. It was an awesome way to end a busy day. Looking forward to the added load of AP classes… said no one.” – Junior Zach Stevens