Mustang Musings: Super Bowl Funday

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Courtesy of Wikimedia

San Dieguito Academy has remained undefeated in football for the past decade, so naturally, Super Bowl traditions take on a range of forms for students. For avid sports fans, making bets, eating nachos, and barbecuing fill Super Bowl Sunday with memories. Some don’t partake at all, and merely laughed in our faces when asked to comment (we’re looking at you, Koda). But from watching the commercials to visiting amusement parks, even indifferent students find their own special way to enjoy the good ol’ Bowl.


“I yell at the TV and I eat a lot of awesome good food.” – Senior Dhyana Buckley


“I usually go over to someone’s house.” – Senior Craig Spiller


“I go to Super Bowl parties and eat hot wings. I just like the food. Ooh! And the commercials.” – Sophomore Amy Arsenault


“I don’t watch the Super Bowl, I watch the commercials! My favorites are the Doritos commercials and the car commercials.” – Senior Patrick Canler


“My dad makes homemade buffalo wings, and one of my favorite parts about watching the Super Bowl is seeing all the commercials.” – Junior Catherine Welch


“I don’t do the Super Bowl…” – Junior Vivian Torres


“I just pretty much cook and enjoy the festivities with friends.  Depending on the teams playing, I usually like the commercials.” – special education teacher Marco Martinez


“Not watch the Super Bowl…” – Senior Betty Huang


“Each year we have a huge family party and have the same type of nachos and burgers, and by far the commercials are the most entertaining part of the game.” – Senior Joe Stefanki


“Funny story, I actually go over to pro-skater Bucky Lasek’s house and skate his pool which is called the “Super Bowl.”  After that I have my Dad put some money on which team I think will win.  If the game isn’t very close I love the commercials; however, if the game is close I usually find the game more entertaining.” – Junior Zach Lara


“Me and my family go to our friend’s house for the Super Bowl. We really get into the games, grill burgers, and eat a lot of food! It’s so fun!” – Freshman Bekah Sullivan


“We don’t have any traditions. However, I would rather watch the commercials because I would rather laugh than be intense.” – Freshman Andrew Kenney


“I don’t have any traditions, but if I’m watching the Super Bowl it depends on who’s playing and if I like them or not. If I don’t care, then I like watching the commercials.” – Freshman Alex Weingarten


“Nope, I just watch it for the commercials. I normally do something else that day, because I don’t really like football.” – Freshman Leigh Houck


“I don’t have any Super Bowl traditions, but I like watching the commercials because there are normally really cute dogs.” – Freshman Jordan Schwartz


“We normally sit on the couch and eat chips and salsa.” – Freshman Claire Magnuson


“I most definitely watch for the commercials. I really liked this clever one about a fish last Super Bowl. I can’t remember what they were selling but it was really funny.” – Sophomore Celine Bogner


“I watch the commercials a few days later on YouTube. I really liked the Best Buy commercial last year when Ozzy Osbourne dissed Justin Bieber.” – Sophomore Rachel Littlefield


“I watch just for the commercials. I really loved the Volkswagen one with the little kid dressed up as Darth Vader. I watched it about 20 times in a row.” – Junior Marissa Schuling


“I go to a party at my friend’s house every year. We just hang out and eat food and watch the game.” – Junior Skye Nadel


“I sit on my couch and eat hot wings while I watch the game. It’s a good time.” – Junior Matt Monforti


“My family’s reactions to the game are more interesting than both of them.” – Junior Abby Espinosa


“I find the commercials more interesting because with the game, you have to follow what’s going on. If you don’t watch it, then you can just hang out at your Super Bowl party.” –Freshman Natalie Finn


“[I prefer watching] the commercials, because they’re amusing. And the Super Bowl is about a bunch of guys who get tackled then cry.” – Junior Isabella Prior


“We usually go to a family friend’s house, and bring food for a potluck. I do watch the game but I do like the commercials better.” – Sophomore Blue Feeney


“We always barbeque and my grandpa makes bets on his favorite team. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the game but the commercials are funny.” – Sophomore Alex Moran


“We have a bunch of friends over and have a potluck. It’s tons of fun! I enjoy the game more because it keeps me on the edge of my seat!” – Sophomore Maddy Fournier


“My family all makes salsa and tortilla chips because we want to ensure we have a super spicy Super Bowl filled with love and alliteration! I like the game better because ya gotta get’cha head in the game!” – Sophomore Gabri Posard


“My dad makes his world famous bratwurst which he soaks in beer for 24 hours. Also we all like to place bets on which team we think will win. I like watching the game better than the commercials; DVR was invented for a reason.” – Sophomore Bo Templin


“This year I’ll watch for the game because I like both teams, but if I had to choose one I want to win it’d be the 49’ers because of the west coast and all. Do I have any traditions? Heck no!” – Senior Jessica Jakes


“Well, I don’t know what happens in the actual game, so I watch for the commercials I guess. We generally barbecue and make lots of food like hamburgers.” – Sophomore Samantha Steinberg


“Both, I watch the game and the commercials. Usually we have a bunch of friends over, have the barbecue and the big party with lots of food and friends.” – Sophomore Delaney Duff


“My dad’s friends come over and get all sentimental, and say things like ‘I remember when you were this big!’” – Senior Kelly Goehring


“I only watch it when my dad watches it.” – Sophomore Jami Mauricio


“I celebrate with my brothers and their friends. We go to whomever’s house has a big TV and cable to watch the Super Bowl. Everyone brings something to eat or drink. We bet on our favorite team and we have a great time.” – Sophomore Janet Cruz


“I go to my friend’s house and I play football in the backyard with him and my dad.  Then we order hot wings and other appetizers, and we watch the game.” – Sophomore Jared Holguin


“We get a 12-pack of sodas, popcorn, and then we sit down on the couch and watch the commercials.” – Sophomore Austin Ryan


“My entire family comes over and my dad barbecues food. Most of my family crowds around the T.V and watches the game, but I just watch the commercials.” – Senior Rebecca Peck


“On Super Bowl Sunday I do everything but watch football.” – Senior Taylor Sills


“I usually just watch with my friends. I want Baltimore to win.” – Junior Kendra Brust


“Me and my dad make ‘Gnarly Gnachos.’ They have chips, cheddar cheese, guacamole, olives, salsa, sour cream, Mexican rice, black beans, and cut-up churros.” – Senior Kelly Heard


“I sit on the couch, do homework, and watch it.” – Senior Jenni Ehlers


“My family crams on the couch and watches the game.” – Senior Abby Sullivan


“I don’t even know who’s playing in the game. I only watch for the commercials. [My tradition is that] I eat all unhealthy foods.” – Freshman Joe Lewis


“I have neighborhood get-togethers and I [look forward to] the food. I watch for both the game and the commercials.” – Freshman Nick Johnston


“My grandpa’s really into football, so pretty much Super Bowl Sunday is us sitting in a room and my mom and my grandpa are super into it and the rest of us are like ‘oh, they got a touchdown!’” – Freshman Jenna Greene


“I hate football. I’m super stoked about Destiny’s Child, but I’m going to Disneyland anyways.” – Junior Roya Chagnon


“I don’t care at all.” – Junior Haley Earnest


“I usually go to my father’s where we eat soul food and drink Kool-Aid to our heart’s delight.” – Senior Courtney Houle


“I don’t do anything but watch the commercials.” – Senior Solana Michael


“I usually get really into the eating aspects.” – Senior Izzie Ojeda


“I don’t watch the Super Bowl.” – Freshman Justin Seul


“I like football, and the commercials are entertaining. But more because I like football.” –Freshman Sean Paddy


“I remember back in 6th grade my older brother bought foam from Home Depot and we made foam fingers to thrash around during the super bowl. We didn’t even know who was playing. All we cared about were the foam fingers.” – Junior Sierra Zounes


“My family usually makes bets and the winner gets sweet, sweet money.” – Senior Riley Rowe


“My dad always watches it live and has some friends over for that. Then I later go back and fast forward through the game and just watch the commercials.” – Junior Lance Johnson


“I don’t normally watch the Super Bowl, but when I hear the commercials from where my dad is sitting in the next room I’m there.” – Sophomore Alexa Smith


“My family’s Super Bowl is amazing; we have streamers and balloons. My mom thinks the more decorations the better our team will do.” – Junior Andrew Tristan


“The commercials are always the best. And we bet on which commercial is the funniest.” – Freshman Griffin Harrison


“For the past few years, me and my friends would go to Magic Mountain because the lines for the rides are always really short. I’ve never seen the game or the commercials because I’m always in line at Magic Mountain!” – Junior Katrina Olsen


“My brothers watch it. I just eat the chicken wings. If the Steelers are in it, I’ll watch. I guess the commercials, but that’s what everyone says.” – Junior Adira Fogel


“My family doesn’t have any Super Bowl traditions. My family is boring. I will be studying for my AP chemistry test. I prefer the commercials by far!” – Junior Nicole Loya


“I don’t know why, but there are always nachos. Wherever I go, they’re there.” – Junior Lizzy Knox


“I don’t watch it.” – Freshman Tommy Morberg


“Sometimes we go to a party…sometimes we don’t, but one thing remains constant: buffalo wings.” – Senior Juliana Forrest


“My church always throws a big Super Bowl party. It’s fun.” – Senior Katia Macau


“I don’t really watch the Super Bowl. I don’t care about who wins or who plays. I really like watching the commercials. Those aren’t the ones that you regularly see. They’re super funny and interesting.” – Junior Jesus Aguilar


“I really don’t watch the Super Bowl. However, my family gets super into it. It’s sort of weird.” – Junior Shannon O’Donnell


“I don’t watch the Super Bowl. But I think that the new commercials that come out are always cool.” – Junior Elise Titcomb


“[Laughter].” – social science teacher Kerry Koda