Mustang Musings: Senior Out 2013

This year, SDA’s senior class partook, once again, in the test of animalistic prowess and refined stalker skills that is Senior Out. Underclassmen increased in value and interclass socialization rose significantly as younger students found work as bodyguards, protecting their seniors from the threat of capture. The event spanned seven school days and included an abundance of strained trust, survival instincts, sweat, and tears. In the end, only one could emerge as the winner. Senior Tyler Cashman, capturing 12 cards, won the prom ticket, and the title of Senior Out Champion of 2013.

“I started crying when I got tagged.” – Senior Kendahl Hettick

“The person who had me jumped out of the bushes and tagged me the one time I was alone that day.” – Senior Karolyna Landin

“I made a really funny noise to keep from screaming like a little girl when I got tagged.” – Senior Eliot Horen

“I really had no experience with Senior Out but people are like ‘Lucas!’ and they just come up and hug me [to avoid being tagged].” – Sophomore Lucas Nathan

“It has been impossible to tag my person. I tried hiding behind a set of boxes in Lee’s class and jumping out at her but she was next to the teacher so it didn’t count.” – Senior Shawn Lee

“I made the mistake of walking alone to math class at lunch and got tagged out.” – Senior Michael Wimsatt

“Someone came over to my house and left a note that said: ‘Riley Rowe. I’m coming. See you soon.’” – Senior Riley Rowe

“After I got out on the first day, I got together with other bitter seniors and we compiled a list of all the connections we had. After about a day we had more than 100 people and by the end we were just waiting to connect the rest of all we didn’t know. It was really fun because everyone has been bribing me for answers…” – Senior Lindsey Rowland.

“This is the best part of the school year. I’m so excited for next year. I’m going to dominate.” – Junior Ian MacGregor

“I can’t wait to play Senior Out next year! It’s such a fun game that helps fight senioritis because it adds more fun to the day. I think it’s really cool that our school is able to do it because our school is small and we all know each other.” – Junior Karen Vela

“I love that I’m not out.” – Senior Maggie Smith

“I’m so excited for next year’s senior out!” – Junior Andie Miller

“I protected a whole bunch of people.” – Junior Katrina Olsen

“It’s hilarious and fun and also really entertaining to watch.” – Senior Juliana Forrest

“I’m excited to do it. It’s like when a groundhog looks outside to see its shadow, and it isn’t there.” – Junior Zach Fox

“I was so close to getting my person, but then they tricked me and had a person with them. Next time…” – Senior Emma Karp

“A guy waited outside of our house one morning, trying to tag my sister. He didn’t get to tag her though because I walked outside with my sister.” – Junior Anisa Smith

“On the first day, during lunch I noticed Weston [Braun] randomly talking to Mr. Santos, but I didn’t think anything of it, so I tuned him out. At the end of lunch, I realized that I had to walk alone to third period, and when I started to leave, I heard Weston behind me asking for a walking buddy to AP Psychology. I completely forgot about the risk, and excitedly replied, ‘We have psych together, perfect!’ Five seconds later and he tagged me. I guess I’m too trusting for Senior Out…” – Senior Nicole Sinno

“It has caused a bunch of seniors to act like freshmen.” – Junior Lizzy Knox

“This week was a hard week to do it. A lot of people were out for CAHSEE testing and such, so it put a lot of pressure on people trying to tag their person out.” – Senior Chloe Cattle

“I haven’t gotten anyone yet…” – Senior Hope Alba

“Don’t hide under people’s cars because they can be turned on remotely.” – Junior Adira Fogel

“I was in the parking lot before school started and I saw Clayton [Bishop] drive up alone and that was pretty much the only time I had seen him alone since Senior Out started. So, I ran over to his car and tried to tag him as he was getting out. He saw me and locked the door right when I got to the driver’s side. As I was walking back to my sister, I temporarily forgot someone was still trying to tag me and all of the sudden heard a bunch of people yelling at me to run. When I finally heard Tyler [Cashman] running up behind me, I knew it was too late. I was just glad I’d at least tried to tag my person before I got out too.” – Senior Katie Ehlers