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A Wonderful Winter Break: Check Out What Students Were Up To!

Nadia Haghani, Mammoth
Alyssa Geffen, Porcupine
Delia Guizar, Disneyland
Lily Callender, San Elijo Lagoon
Carolyn Knapp, Big Bear
Riley Switzler, Arizona
Boone Mayer, Wisdom Teeth
Chaitanya Herbert, Arizona
Yasamine Durali, California Road Trip

Ayse Coban, Bail and Taiwan

  "Over winter break first I went on a fourteen hour flight to Taiwan we and a connection to Bali Indonesia…We stayed in this small village where a lot of art is created… From there we went to an even more remote island that was only thirty minutes across. There were no bike or cars on the island and it was called Gili Meno. It was super peaceful and there were chickens everywhere. There...

Katie Clark, San Ignacio, Mexico
Griffin Aubol, Laguna Beach
Megan Levan, Creative Presents
Lizzie Waters, Radio Play
Matthew Zounes, Christmas Tree Tradition
Ciro Valdez, San Francisco
Maia Nelson, New Mexico
Shayne Busick
Cami King, Cookies
Sofia Exposito, Florida
Noah Hauptman, Thousand Steps Beach
Michaela Lafferty, Belize
Kiana Kerstetter, Volleyball
Gabi Gjata, Mexico

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