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Senior Out: Day One

March 2, 2017

Bob Klein

Bob Klein

The hunt has begun. For the next eight days no senior is safe. Bonds will be broken. Friendships obliterated. Families thrown asunder. Loved ones cast aside to the savage teeth of high school seniors.
Senior Out has come.

I will come for you, in time. I took my first today. Easy, like a tiger I stalked. I followed, weaving between the bodies. The bell was to ring at any second. I was getting close. I saw my moment, a blink of the eye, and I had it my first card.

She begged me not to out her so soon. I could see the failure welling in her eyes, wishing she could have been smarter, faster, more aware. Wishing there was anything to be done that could save her. It was too late. The prize was mine.

I cherished the moment as I opened the envelope. What secrets did it hold? Whose
future did I hold within my grasp? My eyes raced, and tore through the words. I ravaged the page, searching for a name, my next victim. At last my eyes fell upon a name. I cherished it. Each letter more sensual than the last. I read YOUR name and I am ready.

Watch your backs in the mornings, during the few minutes of terror between periods, and until four in the afternoon. EVERY DAY. There is nowhere to hide. There is nowhere you can run that I cannot find you. No mountain high enough, no valley low enough, and no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you.

I am the Alien and you are Sigourney Weaver, running terrified through the cold steel passageways of a ship drifting through the endless expanse of space, and I am hungry.

I will find you. I will take you when you least expect it. Your cards will be mine. I will stalk you like I did my last, follow, just in the shadows. When you think you’re safe, I will strike. Around each corner I could hide, behind every door, or even under your bed. I am the Boogeyman. I am all you fear. I will be your end.

I have become Death.

Destroyer of Worlds.

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    Bob Klein

    Bob Klein

    After many years of waiting, it’s finally our turn to play Senior Out. My friend and I have been planning for Senior Out since sophomore year. So, as soon as we got our assignment cards we started networking for potential links and planning to get our suspects. I made a group chat with numerous non-seniors in case I was ever stuck somewhere foreign.

    The day started early. We met at Starbucks at 6:45 a.m., got a drink, and were at school by 7 a.m. We parked next to each other. I made my way to my friend’s car, and by 7:01 we were on the way to his victim’s house.

    Once we arrived around 7:10 after driving through the victim’s street, we realized the target’s dad was outside and that our original plan of hiding under her car was not going to work. Instead, we waited until we saw her leave, attempted to follow her back to school, but lost her amidst the school traffic.

    Defeated, we pulled back into the lower lot but still hid with the hope that we would see her pull in. At 7:28, we saw a car that looked like hers drive up Melba St. to the upper lot. We sprinted through school until we reached a bush near the 120s, where we hid for about 10 minutes. With no luck, we realized it was 7:40 and that we should go back to the lower lot to get our backpacks from our cars.

    We grabbed our stuff and started walking towards school. Suddenly, I saw her walking and pointed her out to my friend. He sprinted and caught her.

    The rest of the day was accompanied with lots of stress. I kept an eye on my target, but the person was always with a friend so I had no luck. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them soon.

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