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The La Salle Falconer

Please Leave People’s Music Alone

January 23, 2018

I’m guessing that the majority of music on students’ phones is not written, produced, made, or sung by them. Of course the minority of students, like aspiring artists and people in bands, have recorded their own music. That being said, students do not own the rights to the music in their iTunes library, their Spotify playlists, or their YouTube Playlists. So stop acting like it!

People are always claiming that they heard the newest flavor of the month (from Cardi B to Sam Smith) before it was playing nonstop on the radio. People also get extremely possessive over their favorite song. “It’s MY song! You can’t like it! You only know it because I showed it to you.”

Students should be happy that someone else is into the same music as them because now they have someone to jam out with, fan girl/boy with, and go to concerts with. Also, just driving along the highway and singing your hearts out to the pre-made playlist is always a good time.

It’s really fun to have the same music interests as a friend because some of the best memories are made at concerts. It is not fun to bring someone who’s just going to be sitting in their seat the whole time looking bored like they want to cover their ears or like they would rather be anywhere else. It is much more enjoyable to dance and scream with someone who is just as into it as you are.

Students should be more inclusive when it comes to sharing music. Students are also very quick to defend their music when anyone says anything remotely insulting to it. I understand wanting people to be just as into an artist or song as you are, but if someone doesn’t like it or disagrees with your love for it, just let it go. It’s not a big deal and their opinion on it has no impact on your life.

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