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The first forum of the year happened today: there was lots of talk of art on the new building.

September Student Forum: We want to color the walls!

September 20, 2019

As the new year of school rolls in, many students may be feeling confused, apprehensive, or worried about what’s in store for them this year. However, the new school year also comes with a promise to actually make an impact at San Dieguito Academy and continue to improve the school for the classes to come through monthly student forums.

With a huge group of students from every grade, teachers, faculty, and superintendent Robert Haley, the September student forum focused on a wide range of topics, and many people had something to say. Here is what you missed:

ACT/SAT Studying Opportunities

With many juniors gearing up to take the SAT and many seniors signing up once more to bolster their scores, there was inevitably a call for ACT or SAT tutoring opportunities. One student suggested the implementation of a college apps style class in which students are taught the know hows and ins and outs of SAT and/or SAT testing. Kerry Koda, AP U.S. History teacher, suggested students who have already taken their tests to donate their old prep books for tutoring. A National Honors Society captain said that juniors and seniors should join NHS because of tutoring opportunities. SDA Foundation said they are partnered with Revolution Prep and offering $25 for practice tests with associated scholarships.

Underclassman are also lobbying for better opportunities, putting forth their concerns that PSATs and practice PSATs are barred to any grade below a junior. This was started to reduce test anxiety in the past, but the idea of it as a choice now leaves many students to see it as minimal stress.


Input for ASB Activities

Not that there was any specific input for any activities ASB is currently putting on; the subject in question was on improving the methods in which we can make suggestions to ASB. The general consensus came to that if you want to make a suggestion, talk to ASB teacher Rod Keillor, any ASB student, or even post on ASB’s instagram.


Bike Racks   

The school’s bike racks in the back lot have been moved into what students say is a bad location over the summer and they are now near a storm drain which worried those thinking of the environmental impact. However, most worries were eased when it was announced that two new bike racks are soon going to be installed by the Arts and Humanities building and the stadium. 


Murals on the “New New” Building

As the topic carrying the most heat, students and teachers alike had something to input here. 

There is massive support from the student body to paint murals on the new Arts and Humanities buildings, and they want to start right away. 

Superintendent Haley also said he wants murals on the new building. He said that there is a discussion at the district level to get those murals on the wall, but they are apprehensive to start immediately. The main concern comes from the knowledge that these new buildings are intended to stand for fifty, sixty years. The murals, Haley said, will be up for that long as well and need to be thought out carefully, taking into consideration the desires of the teachers. 


Topics for Next Time

Not everything brought up today could be addressed this month. Here are some of those topics:

  • The Arts & Humanities quad needs some spice. Maybe a basketball hoop and some shade?
  • Student traffic: can we please add some lines on some of the most heavily-traveled paths on campus– a left and right lane to help bring down the congestion?  
  • Ants…everywhere. How do we deal with this invasion?
  • Possibly banning plastic water bottles on campus
  • An edit to the Loss of Privileges List
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