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students sitting on the grass while watching in the pac

Day Two: Battle of the Bands

May 10, 2021
Dortt and Doll Riot battled it out for the best band at San Dieguito Academy during lunch on May 10.
San Diego County Library – Cardiff-by-the-Sea Branch will open for limited, in-person services Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with one-hour sanitation break

San Diego County libraries adjust to the pandemic

May 5, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our community. How we socialize, how we go to school, even how we enjoy meals at restaurants. However, one of the more overlooked aspects of the...

A flamey background with large Edward and Jacob images behind two dueling girls (Olivia and Kylie).

Which team are you on: “Twilight” Edward v. Jacob

April 23, 2021
A civil, thoughtful debate between Bella Swan's two lover boys.
Wow, my name is up in the sky!

A letter from the editor

April 21, 2021

When I was much younger, from birth until around third grade, my dad split his time between San Diego and New York City. He had an apartment there overlooking Times Square, and my mom, brother, and I would...

While enrollment numbers are high, the entering class will not have to worry about a lottery in order to attend SDA as a freshman in the fall

A future return to the lottery system

March 23, 2021
With growing class sizes, SDA could see a return to the lottery admissions system in the future–though not for the upcoming freshman class
Freshman Torrey Wallace in sculpture class. Classes are going well despite the distance.

[Photo] Students return back on campus twice a week

March 23, 2021

Freshman Torrey Wallace in sculpture class. Classes are going well despite the distance.

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A letter from the editor

March 19, 2021

Do you ever pay attention to the thread of your life? How it begins in one place with yourself in a certain frame of mind, and then your mind develops as the thread unspools and grows longer and longer?... cheesecake

Opinion: The pitfalls of American federalism

March 11, 2021

I have traveled all over America. Growing up without a passport, my family compensated for the lack of worldly experiences with those more country-focused: road trips from Texas to Colorado, state-hopping...

Board members discuss the following at Earl Warren Middle School on Feb. 16, 2021

SDUHSD board discusses new reopening guidelines and more

February 24, 2021
New guidelines may spell a hopeful message for those who wish to return to school on-campus
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A letter from the editor

February 16, 2021

Happy belated Valentine's Day! Did you eat any of those chalky candy hearts with the strange, cryptic sayings? Or did someone get you something actually cool?  Me, I like to walk into Vons about a...

To the left: a misguided attempt, to the right: a masterpiece.

Men writing women

January 26, 2021

This article contains minor spoilers for "The Queen's Gambit" by Walter Tevis and "Brooklyn" by Colm Tóibín. "The Queen's Gambit" was a phenomenal limited series that still sits with me to this day,...

Wow, my name is up in the sky!

A letter from the editor

January 15, 2021
What ever happened to dystopian novels?
Board members discuss the following at Earl Warren Middle School on Dec. 15 and Dec. 17

SDUHSD board reconvenes about budgetary concerns and the pandemic

December 18, 2020
The board meeting finishes what it started on Tuesday
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A Letter from the Editor

December 18, 2020
The letter where I give you some suggestions for what to do over Winter Break (among other things)
Board members discuss the following at Earl Warren Middle School on Dec. 15 and Dec. 17

San Dieguito board members discuss fully reopening schools and more

December 17, 2020
Everything you need to know about the proposed time change for school board meetings, legal council, and the reopening of schools
The package is here!

Opinion: Amazon isn’t the ‘bad guy’

December 16, 2020

I spent $55 last night online shopping. It's the holidays, and I was late to buy gifts for the people in my life, so I panicked and bought all of them in one sitting. I slipped into my mom's room multiple...

Is it just me, or am I seeing double? Photo courtesy of

Hallmark Movie Bingo

December 4, 2020


Look, its me! Im so snazzy.

How to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal in twenty minutes

November 26, 2020

Oh my goodness! You guys, no one told me I hadn't updated my incredibly famous food blog in over a year! Y'all know my email,, is always open!  However, don't try to reach...

Wow, my name is up in the sky!

A letter from the editor

November 19, 2020

The season of thankfulness is upon us! That’s one way to define the month of November, right? Well, let’s see… What am I thankful for?  The first thing that comes to mind is having health insurance....

Reopening survey released

Reopening survey released

November 17, 2020

NOVEMBER 16– the administration released a survey to all parents of San Dieguito High School students asking whether their student would like to return to school on-campus for one day a week beginning...

Emma Gonzalez speaking at a gun control rally on Feb. 17, 2018

Opinion: Gen Z, The Political Zealots

November 10, 2020

When I think about the current political climate, I think of the ancient land of Canaan and the period of the Second Temple. For any ancient history fans out there, this was around 530 BCE to 70 CE.  The...

The chairs at San Dieguito Academy will be farther apart in reality

The proposed return to in-person schooling

October 23, 2020
Beginning around Nov. 16, this plan would allow all high-school students the option to either remain in the current distance-learning model or return to on-campus education for one day a week, graduating to two days a week by Dec. 7
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A Letter from the Editor

October 19, 2020

Have you stood up today between your classes? To go to the bathroom or to get something to eat?   Or at all?  Perhaps today, Monday, of all days, felt like the day to take...

$750... does that seem right to you?

Trumping the IRS: Trump’s 2016 tax returns released

October 3, 2020

SEPTEMBER 27 – The New York Times released a detailed tax history on President Donald Trump, including the revelation that Trump only paid $750 in tax returns the year he was elected to office. The...

Protestors hold up signs such as Recess Is Over! Lets get Back to Class! SDUHSD Has NO Class! and more in front of the SDUHSD building

SDUHSD Students and Parents Protest to Reopen Schools for Second Quarter

September 29, 2020
Students and parents gathered outside the SDUHSD building to protest against the school board's decision to continuing online school through the second quarter
Movie-watching has looked a lot like this the past few months

At the movies… at home

September 24, 2020

I was bored one Saturday afternoon, so I decided to search for movies currently showing in my area.   I was not completely up-to-date on all things Corona, so I wasn't even sure if theaters were open...

Wow, my name is up in the sky!

A Letter from the Editor

September 21, 2020

So, here we are. In front of our computers yet again. Did you have a good day at school? Or, rather, at your desk. Or on the couch. Or in your bed.  Hey, no judgement. You're having to do school from...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (born 1933) unfortunately passed on Friday September 18th, 2020.

A Champion of Equality has Passed: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

September 18, 2020
Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday evening at age 87 due to complications related to pancreatic cancer. She passed surrounded by her family in her Washington, D.C. home. Her granddaughter stated that her last words were, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”
Look at her run!

This horse gets new legs

September 15, 2020

San Dieguito Academy's foremost news medium launched their brand new website Tuesday afternoon. This high-quality revamp of The Mustang’s website-- comes during an age where staying...

Biolumonescent waves in Encinitas.

Encinitas beaches are alight

May 5, 2020

Impossibly bright, fluorescent blue waves have been crashing against beaches across San Diego County over the past few weeks. You may have seen this phenomenon on video or in photos and simply wrote it...

The show Community opens up eyes.

A new look at community college

April 13, 2020

In the midst of my Coronacation with all the time in the world, I feel as if I have been dropped into the middle of a sea of existential crises. I find all these thoughts running through my head: what...

Netflix offers many shows to keep you entertained.

What to binge on Netflix during quarantine

March 20, 2020

These past few days of homebound quarantine have not been particularly exciting. When the school bell chimed at 3:10 pm last Friday afternoon, excitement and anticipation tinged the air. SDA staff and...

Christian Bales Batman costume has ridiculous ears.

Batman is the worst superhero

March 2, 2020

I love movies. I love how they define generations, how they explore complex topics through visual metaphors, and how they transport you to a different plane of existence.  All of these factors coalesced...

Jojo Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis) and his imaginary friend Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi) run through a forest.

War through the eyes of a child: A Review of “Jojo Rabbit”

February 4, 2020

Jojo Rabbit is not about war, not about Nazis, not about the most demented and horrifying period in modern history. It’s just about a boy trying to fit into the group, and slowly realizing what his group...

What was the best book of the decade?


January 7, 2020

2010: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins As the third installment of The Hunger Games trilogy, this book was going to be held up to a lot of scrutiny. However, Mockingjay did not disappoint. Collins’ science...

The 101 was packed last weekend. Not with the usual weekend traffic, but with people showcasing and selling their items and talents.

The Encinitas Street fair had it all

December 4, 2019

NOVEMBER 24-- The Encinitas Street Fair was in full swing last Sunday and the 101 was packed.  The sky was clear and the sun was shining, but a cool breeze still blew through the crowds. Parents with...

A gray mass of gray people clawing at a headless person by the entrance.

Wondering what to do for Halloween? Go check out some decor

October 31, 2019

Since I am too old to trick-or-treat anymore, I needed to do something else to feel like I experienced Halloween. So, I went to Halloween Express, which seemed like a good way to get in the spirit before...

The Farewell stars Awkwafina and Lulu Wang.

Say hello to “The Farewell”

September 25, 2019

I never much liked foreign films. The majority of small innuendos, the little details that truly make up a movie, I would end up missing. When the lights came up and the credits gave way to a massive gray...

The first forum of the year happened today: there was lots of talk of art on the new building.

September Student Forum: We want to color the walls!

September 20, 2019

As the new year of school rolls in, many students may be feeling confused, apprehensive, or worried about what’s in store for them this year. However, the new school year also comes with a promise to...

Local Pro-Skater Tony Hawk participated in the skate demo during homeroom.

Pro-Skaters make an appearance at SDA’s first Ramp Up Skate Demo

November 9, 2018

The quad outside the math and science building was alive with energy on Friday, November 9th, as the Rollin’ From The Heart charity skate demo commenced. Crowds of students gathered around the back entrance...

A student walking around the halls in 4th period. After hour lunch last week, staff swept the campus and gave every late student a detention.

A Crackdown on Tardies at SDA

October 30, 2018

Twenty-eight students received detentions last Wednesday after hour lunch when assistant principals Katie Bendix, Celeste Barnette, and Robert Caughey caught them late to class. This was the first impromptu...

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