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A Letter from the Editor

I'm not a poet, and you will certainly know it.

October 19, 2020

Have you stood up today

between your classes?

To go to the bathroom

or to get something to eat?


Or at all? 

Perhaps today, Monday,

of all days,

felt like the day to take school on from bed.


A commendable effort, 

indeed one worth applause–

for waking up each morning

miles from friends

from shared lunches

from wise-cracking teachers

from woodshop and metal shop

and the pink-blossomed tree in the courtyard

(which has certainly bloomed by now)


is in itself

a feat. 


To extend past Classroom

(that series of pastel patch portals to classes galore)

is… difficult.


There is information out there

a virus, unprecedented 

politics, completely demented 

wildfires, raging and lamented.


Well, here is a report

for those of you who fear

the news, the politics, 

and all other things 

equally as terrifying:


Voting approaches

slow-spilling and haunting

but the date of registration encroaches! 

Even if it is daunting. 


Also, the school board voted

to return to on-site education!

Though through legal documents bloated, 

(with hardly a plan noted)

this move seems… ill-timed

and simply placation. 


But I am your Editor

–the bearer of the good, the bad, 

and the neutral–

so here is my final statement

before I leave you,

and bid adieu:


You read this poem

… that was cool of you.

And just so you know:

all this? you’ll get through


You are a speck of consciousness 

amid tumult



and light.

And in spite of it all…

well, you’ve done all right. 


I’ll see you soon.

Kylie Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief 


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