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Interesting guy, that Saint Valentine

February 16, 2021

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Did you eat any of those chalky candy hearts with the strange, cryptic sayings? Or did someone get you something actually cool? 

Me, I like to walk into Vons about a week after Valentine’s Day and buy up the Dove chocolates at half-price. That’s how I celebrate this holiday. 

How do you celebrate? Maybe you had– gasp– a date! If so, I hope it went well. Or maybe you took up Leslie Knope’s fantastic tradition of “Galentine’s Day” on the 13th– that’s also a solid choice.

Did you know that Saint Valentine– the namesake of this holiday– is the patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy? I’d like to begin the following petition: for those not in relationships, February 14 becomes the day where we honor bees or donate to the Epilepsy Foundation. Either one is pretty good. 

In other news, the CDC has released new guidelines for reopening schools. This, coupled with the school board meeting tonight, may spell changes in the current distance-learning model. Make sure to read the board meeting recap article later this week!

If you’re curious about what school has been like for those allowed to go on-campus, check out Staff Writer Skyler Martin’s article on the Beach Chair Book Club, a club that meets on campus to discuss the books, they’ve been reading. 

Or are you more interested in the economic upheaval on Wall Street this month? If so, check out Staff Writer Andrew Sinclair’s article on the GameStop/Wall Street drama. It looks like the general masses can cause serious damage to the ultra-rich stockholders… or can they?

It seems like a lot of things have been brought into question this… what, year? A year and a half? Five years? When did this all start again?

Well, all I know is that we are halfway through February, and if you’re a college-applying senior like me, you will probably know where you are going to college by this time next month. While a terrifying thought, it’s also… exciting. It’s the same feeling you get when you’re standing on a diving board, and the pool looms large and vast beneath you. The water lurches underfoot, and the board sways you gently up and down, up and down… 

We wait. For college decisions, for school to reopen, for the school day to be over, or for the school day to begin. But no worries– I’ll wait with you.


I’ll see you soon, 

Kylie Schwartz

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