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A season record of fans attended the game.

White Out Wins Out

March 1, 2018

Feet stomping. Thunderous applause. Non-stop cheering. For both teams, the crowd brought an atmosphere to the girls basketball CIF semi-final game that was beyond supportive.

“I definitely think it pumped us up and we kept our momentum the whole game,” said sophomore player Jackie Sedlock. “Normally, we have a third quarter curse as we like to call it, but we changed that with the crowd today.”

Colored lights flashed everywhere as the announcement of the Mustang CIF semi-final game began. Then, the gym went black, except for a single light shining upon each player as they ran onto the court, supported by the applause, stomping, and cheering from the crowd. The gym went black again, except for a single spotlight on the Mustang huddle, illuminating their white uniforms and spirit. The lights turned back on, the whistle blew, and the game began.

The student crowd came prepared for the white-out game, decked out in attire ranging from white knee socks to headbands. Theme related goodies including white balloons, lollipops and pom poms added to the hype. No introduction was needed for mascot Manny the Mustang, who increased the support by dancing to get the fans to do the wave. The student crowd was one of the largest of the girl’s basketball season.

“ I came out to support the girls because I know it is CIF semi-final game. It’s important that you give them support and help them win,” said junior Jayce Cannon. “ Do whatever you can to push them to victory.”

The parent crowd was equally as energetic, with support coming from both teams. Cheering “Defense” and “Let’s go (clap, clap) Mustangs,” uplifted the team spirit tremendously, hyping up the Mustangs to finish the game 55-33.

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