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Girls Varsity Volleyball prepares for a match against Vista.

Girls Volleyball Falls to Vista

September 20, 2018

The San Dieguito girls volleyball team went into Wednesday’s home game, hoping to secure a win against Vista High School’s Panthers for the first game of their league. Despite a strong attempt from the Mustangs, the Panthers were able to follow through and end the game with a 3-1 win.

San Dieguito (6-12) brought excitement to the crowd as they fought hard against Vista (6-9) throughout the match, which resulted in the scores of 17-25, 25-21, 23-25, 21-25 for the four sets.

“I feel like we did really well as a team and we really showed perseverance through a hard situation,” said senior Diana Butch.

Although both teams started off the game strong, the Panthers were able to take the lead by scoring eight more points than the Mustangs, providing them with a 17-25 win in the first set. .

Despite losing the first set, the Mustangs came back with a great amount of intensity. However the Panthers began to catch up with San Dieguito towards the end of the second set. A kill by Corryn Newman-Boulle enabled the Mustangs to secure a win, ending the second set with a score of 25-21.

“I think we had great energy and we were really supporting each other throughout the entire game,” said sophomore Holly Granger.

SDA worked hard to keep up with the intensity Vista brought to the table as the score stayed close during the third set. After a spike by Angelina Schaber, the Mustangs were able to take the lead and get out of their 20-20 tie. The Panthers made a comeback and won the third set with a score of 23-25.

After a dig from Moya Caulfield, that led to a kill from Granger, the Mustangs scored their first point of the fourth set. Granger led a kill for the Mustangs to score their first point of the fourth set. The Panthers were able to breeze past the Mustangs, bringing the score to 18-24 towards the end of the set. The Mustangs picked up the pace, but fell short as the last set ended with a 21-25 win for Vista.

“I think that we definitely picked it up, we had some tough times but we got over it and we fought pretty hard. I’m pretty happy about it,” said Granger.

The Mustangs will play their next home game against Oceanside on Friday at 5pm.  


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