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Photo by Lucas Casazza (left), Photo by Fifa (right)

How will virtual FIFA tournament work? Learn all about it here from Lucas Casazza

SDA Takes on Virtual FIFA Tournament

Junior Lucas Casazza gives insight into the inner workings of the tournament

October 12, 2020

With SDA school sports at a halt, ASB has gone virtual with the announcement of an online FIFA Tournament. For those who do not know what FIFA is, it is a video game series of soccer simulations from a variety of soccer teams across the world developed and released by the EA Sports label. This game can be played on a variety of different consoles but for the SDA FIFA Tournament, players will be gaming on either a PS4 or an XBOX One. In an interview done with Lucas Casazza, the creator of the SDA FIFA Tournament, he goes more in-depth with what it is all about:  

What is your inspiration behind starting the FIFA Tournament?

Lucas: “Every year we have a 3v3 soccer tournament that helps bring kids together to feel included in our school community. Obviously this year we are not able to do that so we went virtual. So we decided to do a FIFA tournament that helps bring kids together and feel a part of the SDA culture.”

What is the format of the tournament?

Lucas: “So we have to do two separate tournaments. One for PS4 and one for XBOX to play against each other. And we are doing a single-elimination tournament so if you lose you are out.”

Any big plans for the championship game and what does the winner receive? 

Lucas: I was just planning to announce on the @sdastudentlife Instagram so the person who won could receive some glory. Maybe we could record the game somehow and have a highlight reel to make it a little bit more significant. 

How many people joined in total?

Lucas: We got eight on the Xbox One and four on the PS4.

Are you participating in it?

Lucas: No I am not because we already had 8 participants on the XBOX console which is what I have and I didn’t want to make it uneven. But it should be a really fun event and I am excited about the outcome!

The tournament will go from October 12th to October 16th and the winner will be put on the @sdastudentlife Instagram. ASB has many virtual events being planned in the future with the Virtual Homecoming Assembly on October 30th and an inspirational speaker coming in soon so tune in!

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