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To the left is an example of what not to do in order to productively contrive a discussion from our president Trump (notice the name calling, aggressive diction, etc.) and to the right is a non bias news, source, NPR, covering the Mueller report.

Opinion: How to productively discuss (without the complications)

April 19, 2019

So I talk a lot. That was a problem I faced when I was really young, but luckily through those troubles I’ve discovered some basics when discussing with others (I prefer to say discuss rather than argue...

The True Shape of Water

The True Shape of Water

January 23, 2018

The film “The Shape of Water” directed by Guillermo del Toro has proven itself to be a discombobulated jewel that manages to be so unique, yet immensely clichéd. The film follows the iconic fairy...

SDA's robotic team, Team Paradox, took part in in the parade.

SDA Students Participate in Encinitas Holiday Parade

December 5, 2017

The annual holiday parade took place on the Dec. 2 , and SDA participated in four separate floats including the robotics club, Wind Ensemble, surf team, and the Japanese Honors Society. There were also...

Freshmen and Communication Discussed at the Forum

Freshmen and Communication Discussed at the Forum

November 17, 2017

Students and teachers at this month's Forum were upset about the lack of communication in terms of “The Bulletin” and talked about possible solutions to what Link Crew leaders said was an increase...

A Different Shade of Beck

A Different Shade of Beck

October 20, 2017

Beck’s latest album, “Colors,” is another memorable addition to his record of polished albums. Contradicting the previous album “Morning Phase,” a woeful masterpiece, “Colors” is filled with...

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