SDA’s Got Talent

Has SDA got talent? The answer is yes! At last week’s talent show, there was a mixture of comedy, music, and dancing. Mistakes were made throughout the night, but the audience only applauded the competitors louder when they finally succeeded. Junior Suki Berry kicked off the night with a spunky hula hooping solo dance routine. At first, the audience was slightly dubious. What exactly can she do with that hula hoop? A lot, it turns out. She hula hooped her arms, hips, and fingers. Eventually, after a couple of false starts which caused the audience to nearly die with suspense—she managed to hula hoop her ankles. The audience went wild.

After Berry’s acrobatic performance, seniors Paige Kaufman and Kerri Dobson did a duet. They played the guitar and sang Paramore’s popular song, “You Are the Only Exception.” Later, juniors Emily Floyd and Claire Li did a duet. Floyd sang a mixture of songs including “Bad Romance” and “Forget You.”

Li wore an intricate hairstyle that included a netted black bun and a satin bow. After adjusting her black dress to sit on the piano bench, she proceeded to enrapture the audience by playing the piano with lightning quick fingers.

No one was quite certain what to expect when juniors Grifen Buck and Colin Noble entered the stage for act four with tucked in shirts, and microphones in each hand.  They sang “Tiny Dancer” in jokey voices. Their dancing was very amusing to the audience. Buck did a self invented wiggle dance, lay on the ground while tapping his foot, and spastically hopped around. Noble mostly circled around the microphone like a hawk closing in on its prey.  Many people laughed, and the performers could have won a prize for being extremely lively.

Adding to the excitement, a band formed by juniors Evan Eichenburg, Austin Scott, and Skyler McKee played some very cool songs. The highlight of the show came when a girl sat hidden behind a piano and began to sing in a rich, saucy voice. She played the piano beautifully as well. The audience squirmed around in their seats trying to catch a glimpse of her face. It turned out to be sophomore Laurel Sorrenson, who only stood up briefly to face the audience while they erupted into enthusiastic applause and screaming cheers. Sorrenson quickly darted back behind the curtain after her song was finished, not delivering the encore that everyone was clearly hoping for.

In addition to that performance, junior Kyle Filly set the bar just as high when he did a dance routine that shocked and amazed everyone. At one point he was literally doing a sequence of back flips, rotating forward at a 180 degree angle multiple times. Unsurprisingly, Filly took home the first place trophy. Cooper took second, seniors Jessie Vahalla and Becca Kutlow took third by singing and playing piano, and the singer Sorrenson took fourth. Brothers, junior O’rel Anbar and sophomore Yoni Anbar took fifth by playing drums, singing, and playing guitar.  When it comes to showing off talent, SDA does not disappoint.