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The Door to Nowhere sits adjacent to SDAs Mosaic Cafe.

The Door to Nowhere

By Katarina Maric, Staff Writer September 29, 2023

“It kinda feels like a Chronicles of Narnia thing,” says San Dieguito Academy teacher Martin Chaker. Cloaked by rustling leaves and covered in pillar-shaped shadows, the ‘Door to Nowhere’ - the...

This photo is actually a 3d render. Unfortunately this house does not exist but by learning how to 3d model you can create rooms like this too!

3D Modeling: A New Approach to Art

By Ria Chockalingam, Staff Writer September 26, 2020

Generally, when we think of art, traditional mediums like painting, theater, and writing come to mind. However, there is another dynamic realm of art that goes largely unnoticed, especially among teenage...

Student-made sculptures are scattered throughout campus.

Campus is now sprinkled with new sculptures

By Benjamin Deák, Staff Writer September 11, 2019

For a long time, the arts have been an important part of the culture of San Dieguito Academy. One needs only to take a walk through campus to understand how the murals and artistic pieces scattered about...

This superhydrophobic art piece is done by the weight training room.

Artwork is reigning around the campus

By Taylor Lee, Staff Writer December 5, 2018

It’s rainy midday on a Thursday at San Dieguito Academy, and walking to class; you find what seems to be a depiction of Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward’s house near the PAC. These were no accidents,...

Josie Liebers chalked spot featuring a seagull from Finding Nemo

Chalked Spots, Another Year Down

By Taina Millsap, Staff Writer September 5, 2017

It’s senior year for many students at SDA and as always, they rushed to campus before school started, to make sure they reserved and chalked their ‘parking’ spot for the upcoming year. The day has...

Art fest

Encinitas Arts Festival

By Chelsea Kanzler, Staff Writer March 27, 2014

Countless students swarmed the face painting booth, while simultaneously stating in awe at the costumed performers on stilts who walked synchronized to music across the stage. SDA hosted the Encinitas...


Writer’s Block Slam

By Madeleine Karydes, Staff Writer March 25, 2014

A creative crowd of students and teachers wandered into the library Thursday for an evening of poetry and performance put on by the Writer’s Block Club. Led by seniors Kendra Brust and Chelsea Kanzler,...

Steel Magnolias Review

Steel Magnolias Review

By Joseph Swit, Staff Writer March 13, 2014

Keeping audiences entertained and amused throughout a production is hard enough nowadays in any theatre, but doing so while exploring the sensitive issues of illness and familial bonds requires walking...

cabaret Night

Cabaret Night 2014

By Katie McPherson, Features Editor February 27, 2014

Over 250 people gathered at the PAC for Cabaret Night on Feb. 22. The fundraiser was put on by both the music and theatre departments and showcased the students’ collective talents with acting, singing,...


Intrepid Shakespeare: Macbeth

By Joseph Swit, Staff Writer February 21, 2014

According to an age-old superstition the name of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth” is believed to be cursed. Actors often avoid saying the title, instead using “The Scottish Play.”  Urban legends...

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