Writer’s Block Slam


Madeleine Karydes

Students gather in the library after school on March 20 to participate and listen pieces of literature written by SDA students.

A creative crowd of students and teachers wandered into the library Thursday for an evening of poetry and performance put on by the Writer’s Block Club. Led by seniors Kendra Brust and Chelsea Kanzler, the slam kicked off at 6 p.m. after the enthusiastic attendees settled into their seats.

“I was really pleased by the turnout. I think it’s really cool that we [Writer’s Block Club] have an actual following here and that people are becoming more comfortable speaking and expressing themselves,” said Kanzler.  Roughly 50 people attended the event.

A few brave souls started off the night in style, inspiring more reluctant others to step up to the podium and share their work. Sophomore Ciara Reiter said, “I was a little nervous. I hadn’t planned on sharing when I got there, but I found a poem I had written a year and a half ago. I’m proud of myself for sharing.”

Over the course of the evening, the audience enjoyed a variety of original poetry, songs, and stories, as well as a few favorite classics read aloud. Even English teacher Rob Ross, the creative writing teacher and advisor to Writer’s Block Club, shared a few poems by the time the night was through.

While some students seemed comfortable at the podium, a few first-timers were also encouraged to make their way up to the microphone. Newbies and pros alike dug into their pockets, flipped through well-worn notebooks, and scrolled through electronic devices to find their writing, finding their way back to their seats amid a round of encouraging snaps and applause when they had finished.

“The experience has encouraged me to take up writing poetry again. Finding a creative way to voice our emotions, whether they be pleasant or not, is extremely essential to our growth as human beings,” Reiter added.

While some pieces were lighthearted and sweet, eliciting smiles and laughs from the listeners, others touched on more serious or vulnerable emotions. Every contribution was thoughtful and met with respect by those in attendance. The variety and originality of both the crowd and the collection of work made for a memorable evening for all.