Urinetown: Spring Musical Preview

Don’t hold it in, because with this spring’s musical, you just might be peeing your pants with laughter. Starting on the first of June, the Musical Theatre Production class will present “Urinetown: The Musical,” by Greg Kotis, at the Clayton E. Liggett Theatre.

“Urinetown: The Musical” is a story of a town plagued by drought and a pay-per-use toilet. If the tax to use the bathroom isn’t paid, the offenders are arrested and are sent to “Urinetown.” The town gathers and fights the man, who is manifested in the form of the “Urine Good Company.” “Urinetown: The Musical” ran on Broadway in the fall of 2001, winning two Tony Awards.

Instead of the planned musical of “Chicago,” “Urinetown: The Musical” was chosen for the Musical Theatre Production class, as a contemporary alternative. Since “Chicago” is currently playing in San Diego, the class was unable to obtain the rights. “We needed to choose [a play]that both we, the theatre department, can produce, and the band is capable of playing,” said Michaela Whatnall, senior, who is part of the class.

“Urinetown: The Musical” appeals to students with it comedic sense. “It’s a really upbeat show. Our intention is to have everyone laughing the whole time,” said Whatnall. Also, Whatnall added that the show parodies musical theatre itself.

“Most songs are parodies of another well-known musical piece,” said Kerri Dobson, junior, also of the Musical Theatre Production class.

The Musical Theatre Production class is currently in their tech month. Whatnall, when asked why students should come, replied that “We put so much work into this [the musical]. . . For us, this is it. All of our work, all of our practices go to this one thing.”

Senior Brenton Scher plays Bobby Strong, the musical’s lead, and senior Erin Rosenburg  is the student director. “Urinetown: The Musical” runs at SDA on June 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 at the Clayton E. Liggett Theatre.