The Burning of Rome

Rising indie stars The Burning of Rome performed during lunch in the Mosaic. the Oceanside-based band is on the brink of stardom, having just released a popular single “Norman Bates” and music video.
Consisting of 4 members-Adam Traub, Joe Aguilar, Aimee Jacobs, and Lee Williams-, the band originated about five years ago, after the members were introduced through friends. “We were linked through mutual friends across San Diego. Our drummer built a recording studio in Oceanside and we would hang out together amidst a mountain of instruments and gear — it made sense to make some noise and start a band,” said Traub, lead singer. But their influence to really start a band was due to popular demand. Said Traub, “The music was originally conceived as a recording project. Friends were enjoying the project and asking for shows, so we formed a band for a live rendition.”
And thus, The Burning of Rome ( a reference to the fires of Nero) was born. Gaining their inspiration from a unique group of artists including The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Animal Collective, and Fantomas, the eclectic mix gives each of their songs a distinct, diverse sound. “Much like abstract art it just comes from within. Spontaneity is the biggest inspiration for our songs,” said Traub.
And they are on their way up. They have taken several tours, including one where they lost their manager. Said Traub, “We accidently left our manager in Tucson, Arizona once. We were about an hour out of the city when we realized we forgot him. We wound up getting him a cake the next day that said ‘sorry for leaving you in Tucson’ in frosting.” They have also played in large venues such as Qualcomm Stadium, which has hosted famous names such as MGMT.
SDA was lucky to catch this band now, before they hit major stardom. With their unique sound, raw talent, and motivation, they are sure to go far. And you can never go wrong with a band that describes their style as “pop music possessed by banshees.”