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Painting provides a creative outlet to destress and cultivate emotional growth

Try It: Painting Edition

Everyone is an artist, so try painting to unleash your inner Vincent Van Gogh!

February 24, 2021

Try It is a series that encourages trying different hobbies, art forms, and the way it transforms people’s lives. In this article, Barr reflects on her experience and journey with painting in Mrs. Jackson’s art class. 

With the tremendous amount of chaos occurring in the last year, I needed to find a creative outlet. I tried making collages, caring for plants, and making jewelry; the only thing they taught me was that I am a perfectionist with no patience who lacks a green thumb. Almost every one of my plants has passed (rest in peace), so I needed to find something new where I didn’t literally kill things. 

It was late August, and the new school year was starting. I had some challenging classes, so by the third period, I was completely drained. That’s where Mrs. Jackson and her magical painting class came in. Her energy was so radiant; it gave me more energy than drinking a Monster. You couldn’t help but be happy and alive in that class. Right off the bat, we started learning how to use watercolor, and I completely fell in love. She taught us more about acrylic paint and how to create texture later, but those were far too advanced for me. I used to despise painting, so let me be the one to convince you to start. 

I like to save the best for last, so let’s discuss acrylic paint first. If you are someone who likes to add dimension and see the smallest details in life, this is perfect for you. You can create the smallest or largest detail you like with acrylics, so if you enjoy intricacy and commotion in a painting, try acrylics out. Oil painting is similar, but the lines and texture are much softer. These paintings look realistic in a non-realistic way. If variations of color, shades, and texture appeal to you, buy some oil paints on Amazon and follow a Bob Ross video.

Now for my personal favorite, watercolor. Every time I paint, my idea of what I want on the canvas changes halfway through, so regular paint leaves me with no options. But watercolor is the exception; you can restart with watercolor at any point. So, for someone who isn’t particularly artistic or for a clumsy person, the watercolor is perfect as it gives you the option to make mistakes without ruining your vision. It is also much cheaper, so if you don’t wish to spend your money on paint, watercolor requires a watercolor palette, paper, a paintbrush, and water. 

Painting is a form of creative therapy for me; it provides me with an outlet to express myself when I don’t have one. Without attending school, I feel like my emotions are bottled up, so painting gives me a way to unscrew the bottle cap and let my feelings pour onto my canvas.

If you are new to painting, like I was, take art with Mrs. Jackson. She is fantastic and will make your form of creativity feel validated; you can create art in her class safely, without judgment. If you are looking for a new hobby or just something to pass the time, painting is my personal favorite. Whether it’s watercolor or acrylic, painting serves as a form of relaxation and creativity, so I recommend everyone try it.

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