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the smell of pine is absurdly overrated

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Painting provides a creative outlet to destress and cultivate emotional growth

Try It: Painting Edition

February 24, 2021

Try It is a series that encourages trying different hobbies, art forms, and the way it transforms people's lives. In this article, Barr reflects on her experience and journey with painting in Mrs. Jackson's...

The Port Pavillion n Broadway Pier is where Formal will be held this year.

The Post-Formal Feast

January 21, 2020

Formal is coming up and you need to start planning. Obviously, you’re most focused on the dress, suit, or dress suit you plan on wearing. Besides that, you have to match your shoes. Do you wear heels,...

SDA welcomes its newest science teachers, Madhuri Agashe and Jennifer Kuo

September 10, 2019

Jennifer Kuo is one of the new chemistry teachers at San Dieguito Academy. She is  always smiling and is extremely devoted to her job. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and has...

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