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Need a change? Need some pizzaz? Why not try to dye your hair?

Try it: Dye your hair!

I know you’ve thought about it, just dye it!

April 27, 2021

Try It is a series that encourages trying different hobbies, art forms, and the way it transforms people’s lives. In this article, gives a peek into what it is like dying your hair. 

Picture this: you’re walking into Target for the third time this week. Instead of immediately walking over to the dollar section, you take a casual stroll through the store instead. You walk down the beauty aisle to see if the products are different from two days ago (they aren’t), and then you see it. A wall of colors. You normally don’t come back here, but you are so glad you did, there is a sale. Sales are your weakness, you physically cannot deny one. So, you put the box in your hand cart, buy a couple random snacks, then walk to self-checkout (to skip the long line and social interaction), scan your items, and leave. 

So, now you are home. Your mom glances at the box, reminds you not to spill it anywhere in your bathroom, and you walk upstairs. You grab a raggedy old towel, press play on “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, and pop a pineapple gummy bear into your mouth. Mixing and shaking the ingredients in the box, you combine them in the opaque bottle that came with the kit and start sectioning your hair. Taking a deep breath, you put the gloves on and start squeezing the mixture onto the sections.

If you haven’t caught on yet, you are dyeing your hair. Whether you are having a mental breakdown or simply just wanted a change- I’m so happy you are dyeing it. Blue, red, purple, brown, black, blonde, rainbow? I love it and it will look amazing on you. In fact, I just dyed mine. I blasted “Dancing Queen” and ate gummy bears, and I highly advise you to do so, it makes the process so much better. 

I have dyed my hair countless times: blue, purple, blonde, black, and now a chocolate brown. Somehow my hair hasn’t thinned and is still alive, so I have a few tips for you. The most important part: section your hair! Whether you have thin, thick, curly, wavy, or straight hair, sectioning is essential to get an even dye. Secondly, when dye gets on your counter/bathtub (and it will) don’t stress- grab an old, wet rag beforehand and wipe it up when it spills, I promise it won’t stain. Another tip, buy the dye at Target (if you can), they have the best selection and prices. Last but not least, don’t shampoo your hair right after dyeing it. Shampoo can literally change the color of the hair dye, plus it won’t let the color sink in as much as you probably want. Instead, just rinse it and use the mask provided in the box as well as conditioner to keep your hair thriving. 

My verdict on dyeing your hair: most definitely try it. I have, many times, and I don’t regret any of it for a second. It is a cheap, harmless, and easy way to spice up your life. I also advise purchasing both gummy bears and playing some funky music to add the cherry on top of your hair dyeing experience.

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