The Mustang

“Avengers” was Marvel-ous

By Taylor Knudson, Staff writer

May 16, 2012

Walking into a packed theater I saw each gum-covered seat filled with Marvel comic fan boys sporting “Incredible Hulk” t-shirts, eager grins, and buckets of popcorn drowning in butter and excitement. I found myself wondering what movie could have possibly sparked such a massive crowd. In the action-packed...

Oscar Nominations 2012

By Emily Hall, Online Arts Editor

January 25, 2012

The Oscar nominations were announced Monday, and it looks like it’s “Hugo”’s TIME to shine, it’s written in BLACK AND WHITE that “The Artist” is set up for a win, and it’s NAY that War Horse will lose. Aside from the painful puns, the Oscar nominations this year went as expected – most...

The Golden Globes

By Emily Hall, Online Arts Editor

January 17, 2012

The Golden Globes this past Sunday were, unfortunately, peppered a little too strongly with long-winded thank you speeches and the same replayed trailers of the nominated films. Too much pepper is never a good thing. Besides fast-forwarding through the “Descendants” trailer about five times, though,...

The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin

By Emily Hall, Online Arts Editor

January 4, 2012

The movie “The Adventures of Tintin” was a solid winter break entertainer, full of plot twists and turns similar to those of the twists and turns of the characters in its various chase scenes – Tintin somehow managed, possibly against the laws of physics, to use a clothesline as a zipline in h...

Breaking Dawn Hits Theatres

By Caroline Glass, Online Arts Editor

November 28, 2011

The worldwide phenomenon that tugged at the heartstrings of preteens and middle-aged mothers alike is that much closer to coming to an end: Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiered at midnight on Friday, Nov. 18. The simultaneously worshipped and fiercely mocked book/movie series began in 2005 with the release...

Captain Jack is Back – Again.

By Tim Kontje, Staff Writer

June 7, 2011

It’s more than a little ironic that “On Stranger Tides” is centered around a search for the Fountain of Youth: after two lukewarm sequels (especially 2007’s lifeless “At World’s End) to the original 2003 film, the “Pirates” series was in desperate need of rejuvenation. But are a new director,...

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

By Tim Kontje, Staff Writer

April 28, 2011

Thanks to Hanna, the hard-hitting new action thriller from director Joe Wright (“Pride & Prejudice” and “Atonement”), fairytales aren’t just for youngsters any more. And make no mistake – “Hanna” and its eponymous heroine (played by Saoirse Ronan, who somehow manages to be a chilling...


By Natalya Ballard, Staff Writer

March 24, 2011

When I first learned of the movie Rango, I imagined it as the typical children’s movie, fattened with cheesy comedy to compensate for its dry and unimaginative plot. My assumption was, however, entirely wrong. With its creative story, splendidly crafted animation, and surprising intelligence, Rango su...

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

By Cherise Lopes-Baker, Staff Writer

March 11, 2011

Adapted from Charlotte Bronte’s literary classic, “JaneEyre” emphasizes its dark tone in a clear gothic remembrance that is able to reach modern audiences and hold them in the emotions and sensations found in the original 18th century pages. Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, as Jane Eyre ...

Reznor, Ross Win Best Original Score

By Kaylin Greene, Opinion Editor

March 3, 2011

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, singer and producer, respectively, of the band Nine Inch Nails, have definitely been brought closer to God, or in this case, Hollywood divinity. Composing the original score for “The Social Network,” the musicians whose lyrics are often too crude for print walked away...