The Mustang

Alumni Soccer and Goal-A-Thon Event

The alumni soccer game during the event. Photo by Gabby Catalano.

By Gabby Catalano, Writer

January 18, 2012

Many parents and students braved the cold weather to watch the SDA alumni soccer game on Jan. 7 at the SDA stadium. Families were bundled up in winter clothing, sipping hot chocolate and cheering on the women’s and men’s alumni and SDA’s varsity soccer teams. The women’s alumni played the girls...

Autumn Opener

By Anna Sheridan, Sports Editor

September 27, 2011

In mid-August, while most SDA students were still enjoying the lazy lifestyle that they had become accustomed to since late June, fall athletes began to train. Fall athletes, unlike any other season, are asked to give up their summers to start their schedule. While winter and spring sports are asked...

Field Hockey Beats Four D1 Schools

By Sarah Kochanek, Assistant Sports Editor

September 23, 2011

The girls field hockey team beat Westview on Sept. 21, earning their fourth win in a row versus a Division I school. The team started the season off with an away game loss to Poway 4-2 on Sept. 7. Then they played LCC at home on Sept. 9, even though there was no school due to the power outage. This...

Girls Lacrosse Take on Cbad

By Pauline Disch, Sports Editor

May 2, 2011

  As the clouds cleared on Friday, April 29 SDA’s girls lacrosse team was preparing to face one of the top 10 teams in the county, Carlsbad. Both schools warmed up in the heat and took the field at the blow of the whistle. The first half was not the strongest for the Mustangs as Carlsbad scored...

Disch at the Plate, April 8

By Pauline Disch, Sports Editor

April 8, 2011

Well, the first week of Padres season is coming to a close and, personally, I like what I see. I will admit that I was pretty nervous for this season with the loss of Adrian Gonzalez considering he was really one of our only power hitters, but apparently I was wrong. After watching the Padres play...

Injured Athletes of SDA

By Anna Sheridan, Assistant Sports Editor

March 28, 2011

     You’ve seen them around campus, the injured athletes of SDA, sporting full leg braces for ACL tears, hobbling about on crutches, nursing broken bones in a cast. Students not only have to deal with their physical injury. The emotional toil also factors in to the dramatic changes in their everyday...

This is Madness. March Madness.

By Aaron Steger, Ty Gibson, Sports Writers

March 18, 2011

Feeling a little crazy? It’s that time again. With spring rolling around the corner, March Madness is back. With an expanded field of 68 teams and a new TV deal, the action promises to be more hectic than ever. Aaron Steger and I, the self-appointed college basketball experts, believe the tournament...

Soccer Seniors Say Farewell

By Pauline Disch, Sports Editor

February 19, 2011

It was a cold and windy night on Feb. 17 at the soccer field, but this wintery weather didn’t stop parents and students from coming to cheer for their Mustangs. It was the last home game for SDA and the girls battled within the Valley League against the Canyon Crest Ravens. Before the game players...

SDA vs. LCC in Comedy Sportz showdown

By Eleanore Hendrickson, CAF Co-Editor

January 14, 2011

Quick – what do three instances of parents abandoning their families, five counts of animal abuse, and a bootlegging enterprise have in common? The obvious answer would be a highly unstable family engaging in very questionable activities. After watching the Jan. 7 Comedy Sportz game, however, new insight...

Boys Basketball Wins Home Opener

By Anna Sheridan, Assistant Sports

December 3, 2010

The Varsity boys basketball team came out strong in their first home game Tuesday Nov. 30th.To the strains of “Guess who’s back,” their warm up song, the team ran onto the court where their opponent, Montgomery High, was already beginning to run drills. The bleachers were packed with SDA students,...