Winter Concert Win

The light chatter of conversation and laughter warms the room as a few dozen students spill into the auditorium carrying long pieces of metal in their hands. Eventually, the giggling and talking subsides and the room quiets. Mouths move from nervous, excited grins to focused, pursed lips. The concert begins.

The wind ensemble and symphonic band put on the first SDA band concert of 2013 on Jan 24in the Clayton E. Liggett theatre, incorporating a variety of song choices ranging from tunes from Star Wars to a tribute to Lord of the Rings

“Being able to do such uncommon song choices really added to the performance… People just seemed more interested and able to appreciate the work we put in,” said Riley Murphy, sophomore.

The band’s presentation showcased their months of hard work both in class and individually.

“We’ve been practicing for months. We’ve been trying to perfect the songs every day and mostly practicing in class,” said Cameron Bridges, sophomore.

One member of the audience, Shannon O’Donnell, junior, was inspired by the work the band put into the performance.

“The concert was super cool. It was really personal. It seemed like both the symphonic band and the wind ensemble practiced a lot. They were impressive and touching,” said O’Donnell.