Senior Out: Mates Before Dates

By Olivia Mock, Staff Writer

Senior Out has been known to destroy long standing friendships and sibling bonds, but not much has been said about the effects it has on romantic relationships.  Sayings such as “mates before dates” question where one’s loyalties should lie. Unfortunately for me, my significant other decided to betray me rather than his friends on the second day of Senior Out. So instead of walking me to third period, which he should have done, I was ditched and tagged out in senior court. On the bright side, the person who tagged me out forgot to have me sign their card and now has to decipher the misspelled name on my card.

Now I tend to overreact over just about every single event, no matter how insignificant, so I am happy to say I took my horrendous public humiliation and crushed sense of trust in stride and have embraced the freedom that not playing the game provides. Additionally, the reason I am still dating this person has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he bought me jewelry afterwards.