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Olivia Mock, Staff Writer

My real name is Kathryn, but I didn’t learn how to spell it until I was ten. This is my third time being in second semester journalism; I’ve never taken journalism in the fall for some reason. I never learned how to jump rope, so I took up writing instead. I tend to lack a filter in real life, but I promise that anything I write on here will be carefully censored and thought out.

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Dear University of California, Los Angeles

Dear University of California, Los Angeles

June 2, 2014

I have one question, why do classes start Oct. 2? It is completely ridiculous. Sure, while I was in high school I never wanted classes to start, but I’m an adult now, sort of, and I want to start...


Heels on Campus

March 20, 2014

SDA is known for its hour lunches, lack of a football team, and emphasis on creative expression; however, the irregular terrain of our school often goes unnoticed. The number of hills, stairs, rocky asphalt,...

Senior Out: Mates Before Dates

March 12, 2014

Senior Out has been known to destroy long standing friendships and sibling bonds, but not much has been said about the effects it has on romantic relationships.  Sayings such as “mates before dates”...

Rise Against Rises Again

Rise Against Rises Again

March 1, 2011

As a fan of rock music, nothing pleases me more to say that it is coming back. It’s starting with Rise Against’s 6th studio album, “Endgame.” Their first actual album since 2008 drops on March...

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