Heels on Campus

SDA is known for its hour lunches, lack of a football team, and emphasis on creative expression; however, the irregular terrain of our school often goes unnoticed. The number of hills, stairs, rocky asphalt, wooden planks, dirt patches, and random dips create an extremely uneven surface that is an absolute nightmare to walk on in general.

As an accident waiting to happen, I have to carefully navigate my way around school to avoid falling flat on my face. Unfortunately, I still manage to do that anyways. Aside from being a huge blow to my ego, tripping everywhere is painful and a hassle. Last semester I lost my balance in senior court and landed on my butt in front of everyone. My ankles constantly give out on me when I am walking to the student parking lot or to homeroom.

This happens to me when I am wearing sneakers or flat boots, so on the rare occasions when I want to feel pretty and put on a pair of heels, SDA becomes a gauntlet. Based on the number of girls I see wobbling around campus, I know I am not the only one who cannot maintain their balance.

While an easy solution would be to simply not wear high heels to school, that is completely unrealistic. I can attest to that since, despite numerous falls, twisted ankles, bruises, and plain knowing better, I will still wear my heels to school because, let’s face it, they’re fabulous.