Boys Lacrosse Plays CCA for Academy Cup

By Sarah Lavake and Natalie Haghani

SDA Boys’ lacrosse took on rival Canyon Crest Academy yesterday, playing for the Academy cup.

Within the first few minutes of the first quarter, CCA got past SDA defenders and scored. Less than five minutes later, they scored again driving SDA to step up their playing. The first quarter ended with CCA having the majority of possession and control over the ball.

SDA came back into the second quarter determined to win. Sophomore Josh Woodworth scored with 11:45 left in the quarter, setting up for more goals to come. Three minutes later, junior Patrick Rahilly scored, tying San Dieguito with Canyon Crest. CCA scored next, giving them the lead once again. After multiple attempts to shoot again, freshman Ethan Dirkes scored SDA’s third goal of the quarter, leading the game into halftime.

The third quarter kicked off with sophomore Josh Woodworth scoring his second goal of the game, giving SDA the lead. CCA scored next, once again tying the score. With 35 seconds left, Junior Justin Krute scored. CCA scored again with 7 seconds to go.

Leading off the fourth quarter, CCA scored, giving them the upper hand. Just over a minute later, junior Justin Krute scored again with his second goal of the game. With 5:55 left, junior Patrick Rahilly also scored his second goal. The fourth quarter ended with CCA scoring and sending the two teams into overtime.

The way overtime works is the first team to score, wins the game. The teams both had many close calls, with multiple great saves by goalie Austin Stead, junior. Due to a mix-up between the team and refs, SDA had an extra player on the field, which caused the ball to be given to CCA. With 23 seconds left, CCA scored and won this year’s Academy cup. Although SDA lost, the lacrosse team played an almost even game against their longtime rival.

“I think we played together well. We had good team defense throughout and has a lot of intensity,” said senior Andrew Peterson. “It was a very competitive and aggressive game as always. There were some calls that were quite questionable but overall it was a fair and even game.”