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Lena Mau

Lena Mau, Staff Writer

“It all began on the day of my actual birth. Both of my parents failed to show up.By the age of five, I was forced to throw my own surprise party.But one should never walk the paths of Druselstein with uncovered Doonkelberry cake, lest the Doonkelberry bats swarm.  (Screams) (Flashback ends)”  

- Dr. Doofenshmirtz

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The SDA boys baseball team celebrates after their game.

Boys Baseball Reaches Third Round of Playoffs

May 29, 2018

Boys baseball ended their eventful season on Friday with their second playoff loss. The team had a double digit wins season, but unfortunately lost their third round playoffs to Fallbrook High School with...

Taylor Swift's taps into her

Queen Snake

September 18, 2017

Taylor Swift is back with an edgy new persona that she is flaunting with grace. When talking about the new Taylor Swift, you need to focus on three aspects of her new career: the ‘reputation’, the...

Respect the Chalk

September 8, 2017

The day before senior year, the class of 2018 mobbed the parking lot(s) and threw some chalk down. It’s a tradition that has been a part of this beautiful campus. And as a junior, when a spot was chalked,...

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