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“La La Land” Review

“La La Land” Review

January 5, 2017

“Rogue One:” What “The Force Awakens” Should Have Been

Story by Patrick Hall, Photo Editor

December 20, 2016

In many ways, “Rogue One” is what last year’s “The Force Awakens” should’ve been: a fresh interpretation of George Lucas’s original universe retold to a modern audience in a fun and engaging way. The risk in that...

“Arrival” A Sci-Fi Roller Coaster

Story by Patrick Hall, Photo Editor

November 18, 2016

“Arrival” is an amazingly breathtaking film in two ways: you’re either marveling at the sheer spectacle of the cinematography or you’re losing your mind attempting to understand its complex plot. Either way, it’s a film...

“Me and Your Mama” Review

Story by Mary Ford, Arts Editor

November 14, 2016

The eclectic Childish Gambino released “Me and Your Mama,” the first single off his upcoming album “Awaken, My Love!” this past weekend. The single is a departure from the experimental hipster-rap prevalent on his last...

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