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Clock with changing change

The Haystack Episode 3: Changing Change

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor June 8, 2021

"The Haystack” is a personal narrative podcast from the San Dieguito Academy community. As we are wrapping up the school year, we are also charting a new chapter of our lives. A new grade level. Graduation....

Red underwear with word red underwear over it

The Haystack Episode 2: Red Underwear

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor April 20, 2021
In our second episode, an anonymous senior reflects on self-love and appreciation told through a story about her pride and joy: her favorite pair of underwear
Piper Ligotti Counting by Twos Art

The Haystack Episode 1: Counting by Twos

By Taylor Lee, Online Editor March 27, 2021
In our first podcast episode, Piper Ligotti counted in front of Mr. Nelson's first-grade math class, but as ordinary as it seemed, the impact was much greater.
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