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Many seats were left empty on senior ditch day.

Where were all the seniors? Not here.

November 2, 2018

Thursday was the first senior ditch day of the year. Many all-senior classes showed a noticeable lack of students. Over 200 absences were recorded Thursday, according to attendance secretary Marcelle Montes. Although...

Principal Adam Camacho greets the SDA Alumni as an old video reel plays.

Alumni Reflect on SDA at Founders’ Reception

October 26, 2018

Alumni met at the annual SDA Founders’ Reception Thursday in the Learning Commons to celebrate the history of the school. About 50 alumni, from the Class of 1940 and onwards, socialized, ate, and looked...

SDA Outreach Club Conducting “Sock Drive”

January 19, 2018

The SDA Outreach Club is conducting a homeroom sock drive which will be ending Jan. 25, Crazy Sock Day. The club has partnered with another organization, Mission Circle, whose goal is to collect 1,000...

The December forum was held in the band room and led by seniors Jason Kesler and Charlotte McClellan.

Mirrors in the Boys Bathroom, A School App, and More at the Forum

December 22, 2017

With student elections recently coming to a close and with almost double the voter turnout, involvement in student government appears to be at an all-time high. To parallel this, the monthly Student Forum,...

The new wall blocks off the sidewalk next to the new culinary arts classroom.

Tall Wall Blocks All

December 6, 2017

A new plywood wall has been erected around classroom 16 at SDA as the school’s construction continues. The wall stretches from the end of the new culinary building in the 50s and wraps around the back...

Dress Code, Murals, and More at the Forum

October 13, 2017

Students criticized dress codes while teachers supported them today during lunch at the student Forum. Also, they talked about putting art on the new math and science building. Many claimed that dress...

New principal Adam Camacho attends the first forum of the year.

Newest Principal Attends First Forum of the Year

September 15, 2017

New SDA Principal Adam Camacho looked eager as he introduced himself Friday, expressing his excitement for the future at the school year’s first Forum, held at lunch. The floor was then opened to students,...

Vandalism seen before school Monday morning on Melba Road.

Vandals strike at (and near) SDA

June 13, 2017

Gang signs and derogatory racial slurs were spray-painted on the gym and elsewhere on campus Friday night. It was discovered at SDA early Saturday morning by the janitorial staff. Similar vandalism was...

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