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House of Cards Preview

House of Cards Preview
February 26, 2016

Just in time for the March primaries, “House of Cards” is coming back to Netflix next week. At the end of the third season, Frank Underwood's wife, Claire (Robin Wright), announces that she is...

The Growlers Concert Preview

The Growlers Concert Preview
January 19, 2016

Beach Goth, a new break-through rock genre that has been heard popularly through the halls of SDA and on social media accounts. This genre first gained popularity after the Beach Goth festival came again...

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” Preview

January 14, 2016

“Throughout Modern Millie” returns to the stage at SDA since the performance in the old theater almost a decade ago. The show is set to run Friday, Jan. 15, and will continue to run Jan. 16, 21, 22,...

Alt-J Preview

Alt-J Preview
May 15, 2015

With tickets going on sale tomorrow, it’s time for the real fans of Alt-J to step up and grab their spots for this indie rock band’s 2015 Fall Tour phenomenon. From counting every other freckle to...

Kaaboo is San Diego’s New Coachella

Kaaboo is San Diego's New Coachella
February 26, 2015

San Diego is finally getting its own music festival. No longer do we have to drive all the way to Indio or San Francisco to take part in three days of music, expensive food, and sweaty hipsters. Instead,...

Speakeasy Preview

January 16, 2015

SDA’s Creative Writing class is putting on their bi-annual Open Mic Tuesday. Being a twenties-themed ‘Speakeasy,’ students are invited to dress in Gatsby-era attire. Poets, storytellers, random...

“The Mouse That Roared” Preview

January 7, 2015

SDA’s Drama Production class is wasting no time in starting off 2015 with its production of “The Mouse That Roared,” set to open this Thursday with subsequent shows this Friday and Saturday. “The...

“Rumors” Preview

November 7, 2014

Next Thursday, Nov. 13th, is the premiere of SDA’s newest production, “Rumors”, a hilarious play by Neil Simon. “The play’s about four couples who are attending a formal dinner party for their...

“The Mousetrap” Preview

October 7, 2014

SDA’s drama class will be putting on its first performance of the year, “The Mousetrap,” this Thursday night and will continue on Friday and Saturday as well. “The Mouse Trap” is a well-known...

Sherlock Season Three Preview

January 15, 2014

For those of you who have not changed your IP addresses or found some way to watch Sherlock before its official US release on Jan. 19, here is a quick preview of what lies ahead. Sherlock is back, alive...

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