The Mustang

Sweet Amnesty

Students dance to The Asymptotes, who performed

By Angela Zhang, Arts Editor / Managing Editor

February 16, 2012

Students gathered in the Mosaic Café on Tuesday, Feb. 14, to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Amnesty International Benefit Concert. The evening was bursting with love songs, and also not-so-lovey songs, from a flood of student artists, including senior Suki Berry, junior Laurel Sorenson, Decibella,...

A Doggone Good Play

By Lily LeaVesseur, Staff Writer

December 15, 2011

The phrase “man’s best friend” has come to represent the undying loyalty between man and dog. There are always stories of the furry creatures rescuing people from fires, or calling 911 when their owners collapse on the floor. Such stories are nice to hear, but when it turns out that “man” has...

Remembering 9/11

By Nicole Smith, Staff Writer

September 15, 2011

The San Dieguito Academy band and ASB  held a Sept. 11 tribute concert during homeroom on Monday. Students gathered in the amphitheatre to watch and listen as the band performed three musical numbers to commemorate 9/11. Balloons of red, white, and blue were scattered above the musicians and the...

Ruby Summer Visits SDA

By Cassia Pollock

June 3, 2011

           Last week on May 25, it seemed like a typical Wednesday hour lunch for SDA. Students collected their wallets and marched off to the cafeteria, prepared to stand in the noisy lunch line for another dull meal. Then they appeared. “S-s-san D-d-dieguito A-a-academy,” stuttered Ruby...

The Yellow Boat

By Elisa Figueroa, Staff Writer

April 29, 2011

Students shush each other as the theater lights shut off then come back on again.  Pretty soon the chorus of shh’s are replaced with gaps of silence, loud laughs, and the occasional aww’s from the female portion of the audience.  Twenty minute previews for the Theater for a Cause production of...

SDA’s Got Talent

By Cassia Pollock

April 8, 2011

Has SDA got talent? The answer is yes! At last week’s talent show, there was a mixture of comedy, music, and dancing. Mistakes were made throughout the night, but the audience only applauded the competitors louder when they finally succeeded. Junior Suki Berry kicked off the night with a spunky hula...

Richard II

By Elisa Figueroa, Staff Writer

March 24, 2011

“Remember who you are!” shouts the Duke of Amerle. But it is easy to forget you are the king of England when you’re losing power and control.  When your cousin is leading a rebellion against you, campaigning for your crown, and your supporters are switching sides. But who is Richard II really?...

Art Wars

Art Wars

By Rachel Huddleston, Staff Writer

February 10, 2011

SDA students and elective classes put on an arts and tech fest on Jan. 20 in front of the Mustang Center. The festival had food vendors, a jazz band, one-act theatre performances, student made products available for sale and an Art Wars demonstration. The art wars demonstration was put on by Mr. Wright...

Romeo and Juliet

By Elisa Figueroa

October 8, 2010

“Two households, both alike in dignity…” The stage lights reveal a man standing in a burial vault. He speaks of the famous pair of star-crossed lovers. But something is different…Is the man wearing tattoo sleeves?  “Is this the right show?” The audience wonders. “There must be some mi...

Intrepid Shakespeare Company

By Elisa Figueroa, Staff Writer

October 2, 2010

Sean Cox, co-founder of the Intrepid Shakespeare Company, talks about the company and the new internship program at SDA.  The Intrepid Shakespeare Company relocated to the Roundabout Theater at the beginning of the school year, and are performing “Romeo and Juliet” until Oct. 17. Q: When and...