Freshmen and Sophomore do Four-Year Planning

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Freshmen and sophomores got the opportunity to create a four-year plan with a counselor on Tuesday and Thursday morning during CAASPP testing in the Mosaic Cafe.

This activity allowed freshman and sophomores to learn about classes available at SDA and what they would need to take in order to fulfill their credits. But this also gave students the chance to ask any questions they may have about the school system in general.

Freshman Emma Fiedorowicz said, “I learned about all the classes you can take and what things you should do to up your chances of getting into a good college, such as internships. They shaped a schedule around you.”

Also, students were able to talk about possible career choices after high school and what classes would best accommodate that subject.

Overall, the one-on-one conversations with the counselors was one many students took for granted in order to clear up any confusion for their upcoming years in high school.

“I liked best that they helped me find ways to find those requirements and be ahead-of-the-game when it comes to college,” said Fiedorowicz. “Even though these [high school] years will be challenging, I feel more prepared now.”

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