SDA Graduate Emily Ratajkowski Defends Melania Trump


Ratajkowski in her 2009 senior yearbook photo.

By Olivia Olander, News Editor

SDA alumna, activist and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski called out a New York Times reporter via Twitter on Monday for “slut shaming” First Lady Melania Trump. Ratajkowski described an exchange wherein the Times reporter, now identified as features writer Jacob Bernstein, called Trump a “hooker.”

















Bernstein apologized for his statement Tuesday, calling it a “mistake” and a “stupid remark.” POLITICO also reported that the Times had spoken to the reporter in question about the incident.

Ratajkowski, a model and actress, was an avid supporter of Democrat Bernie Sanders during the election and has taken to social media numerous times to defy female objectification for her follower base (almost a million on Twitter and over 11 million on Instagram). She graduated from SDA in 2009.