SDA Talent Shines at the Talent Show

Story by Erin Maxwell, Assistant Features Editor

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Some of SDA’s most gifted musicians and dancers performed in SDA’s talent show Wednesday.

The Masters of Ceremony, juniors Gibran Mustafa and Josh Lim, led the audience through the 11 acts, which included piano playing, singing, hula dancing, and beatboxing. The show was packed with the audience section of the PAC filled, including an extra row of chairs in front and rows of chairs placed to the sides.

The band Shawlin Supreme and the Kick Back Boys took first place with their rendition of “Perm,” closely followed by junior Lizzie Waters who sang her original song “Vacant.” Third place was a tie between junior Olivia Hussey (tap dancing) and Juan Cruz and James Janes (beatbox battle). Teachers Sheryl Bode, Elizabeth Dargan, and Brittany Ifergan served as the judges for the show.

Overall, the talent show seemed to be a hit. Junior Angelique Velasco said, “It’s really amazing. I’m glad that we have a really large variety of acts this year, and everyone’s really bringing a hundred percent and it’s really awesome.”

Sophomore Valerie Telnack said, “I like seeing all the different people from SDA who I didn’t’ know had so much talent show it off tonight.”

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