Juniors Struggle With ID Problems

Story by Drew Atkins, Staff Writer

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SDA’s Taking Care of Business Day quickly went from small technical issue to a junior-wide problem last week when a faulty cord prevented students from getting their ID’s, making students wait for 45 minutes before being able to take their ID photos.

“The machine that makes the cards wasn’t talking to the cameras, and we couldn’t get the pictures to the machines. So we needed to get another cable, which is what caused the wait for the juniors,” said administrative secretary Leah Ryan-Sonnich. “But once it was re-connected it
still didn’t print everyone’s, so a bunch of kids didn’t get their ID’s.”

As staff attempted to come up with temporary solutions, some students received false information about where they could get their ID’s. Junior Colin Gasperoni was told to go the Business Day makeups. “I went to the makeups but they told me they didn’t have it,” he said.

In other cases, random luck sent some kids home with ID’s the day of. Junior Anna Miller was the first of the students to receive her ID: “I was just waiting in line and the lady at the machine was like ‘Oh! It’s working, it’s working!” and they told me I was the first kid to get theirs so I
just left with my ID.”

According to Ryan-Sonnich, the camera company told the school they had all the pictures and would send the school all the original missing ID’s. Unfortunately, as students soon discovered, even more ID’s were missing.

The office is currently compiling a list of students still without their ID’s, but they need all the juniors to check if theirs are in the office first. “There’s still 50 plus ID’s that did make it back to school. And we need kids to make sure they pick theirs up or add themselves to the missing list.

If not, you might not get an ID,” said Ryan-Sonnich.

The administration was thankful for the junior class’s cooperation. ”They were patient and great about the whole thing. We really
appreciate it,” said Ryan-Sonnich.

For anyone still without an ID, you can pick yours up in the administration office. And for anyone of the missing ID’s list, you can expect your card no later than September 18th for picture makeup days.

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